Funniest Tv Comedy Characters……..That You Either Lived Or Hated!

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Smowball | 17:54 Fri 15th Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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Just caught 10 mins of comedy series DINNERLADIES, and was in hysterics at the character Bren’s mother, played by Julie Walters. Omg she was absolutely brilliant - but I guess you either loved her or hated her. Guess that goes for the whole series tbh lol.
Any others??


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My all-time favourites, are-
Only Fools and Horses
Fawlty Towers

I liked some of Dinner Ladies, but didn't think it was great.
I loved the Likely Lads - the original series, not the Whatever Happened To. But apparently hardly any episodes exist any more, they got taped over.
The worst I have seen, are-
Last of the Summer Wine
Allo, allo
Dad's Army

This list is probably endless, if you count old "comedians" too :-)
Blackadder for me too. And Red Dwarf, The Office and Extras.
I couldn't stand Allo Allo either, but what didn't you like about Dad's Army, pixie?
Jno, I only saw some because my parents were watching at the time. It just seemed old-fadhioned and obvious.
that was pretty much the point, I think, pixie: it was old-fashioned wartime stuff, no satire, no swearing. It was also character comedy rather than slapstick and one-liners, the laughs came from watching characters you knew interacting with each toher.

I loved Monty Python most, and disliked ... most things, I suppose, going back to Terry and June and the Flintstones (I don't think we had telly before that). But I always had time for Dad's Army.
Fair enough, jno. I also didn't understand Monty Python at the time. Each to their own :-)
I agree with you Smow - LOVE dinnerladies and Julie Walters is an excellent actress, she was brilliant in that !

Only Fools and Horses is my all time favourite though.
iv'e seen all the others mentioned but for me it's got to be "Only Fools and Horses"
Faulty Towers, loved it
Last of the Summer Wine and Dads Army , a No,No
Never got into Dinner Ladies
Liked Red Dwarf
Liked Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted
Morecambe and Wise. It never dates.
Vagus , i'm a big fan of them too , Bring me Sunshine
Fawlty Towers
One Foot in The Grave
Characters folks, characters
Loved all the characters, in the above..
Characters, Roy? Morecambe. And Wise.
Oh sorry, I didn't realise Smo meant characters. So, Del Boy and Rodney in Only Fools and Trigger too.
keeping up appearances is mine
Oh yes, Mallyh. Loved it too. All the characters were good.

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Funniest Tv Comedy Characters……..That You Either Lived Or Hated!

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