Alma's Not Normal

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barry1010 | 08:26 Mon 20th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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Did anyone see the first episode? If I was listening and not watching I would have thought I was watching Mandy. Very similar construct.
I'll give it another go tonight.


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What is it Barry?
Ah Barry, as TTT always say, you'll have to give us a link or nobody will know what you're talking about! I'll Google though.
It's a new BBC sitcom, it's on my list to watch, but so is Mandy I haven't gotten round to yet!
I'm interested to hear what others think of it
Alma's Not Normal Series 1 Episode 1 of 6 Feng Suey
Sitcom. After a recent break-up, Alma tries to get her life back on track. But with no job, no qualifications and a rebellious streak a mile wide, it is not going to be easy.
I watched the pilot episode last year. I liked it. Haven’t watched any new episodes yet.
When was it on? Is it a weekly programme?
I was surprised when I watched the first episode to discover I'd already seen it - wonder if I saw a pilot last year?

I'm certain because of the settings in Bolton.
I see episode 2 is on tonight but I can't find when episode 1 was on.
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Episode 1 was on last Monday. I'm a sucker for a sitcom so will try them all.
Thanks Barry, I'll watch on catch up.
Binge watched it, very good .
I watched episode one, not very funny and lots of swearing so it will appeal to lots of people. Not as funny as Motherland. Don’t know whether to watch episode two on catch-up or is life too short?

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Alma's Not Normal

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