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jwatts1981 | 23:53 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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i watch a lot of movies and i see alot of actors whenthey are fighting anotherperson i sometimes see they use a figner and they push a person or punch n the head and the head jilts back so i am just wonderng was that called


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Giving them the finger?
I have a feeling there not really being punched in the face
no its all pretend, acting as you say, if people were really punched, then that would be the end of their career.
It's stage combat or choreographed fighting. They aren't supposed to really hurt each other, they're actors.
I took up judo - er fifty y ago - because I was so taken with Diana Rigg on the Avengers.

Actually she was doing a style just a bit up from tai Chi - ( the chinese sort of dance form where you wave your arms slowly)

throwing the stuntmen into hay ricks etc ( yeah it was that long ago)

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Movies And Acting Scences

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