Alma's Not Normal

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jobjockey | 10:55 Wed 08th Apr 2020 | Media & TV
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The Daily Mail's T.V. critic
gave this programme a good write up
why? it was awful crude and not a bit
funny, or do I have a prudish attitude?.


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Didn't watch it, jj, but the Mirror critic also enjoyed it. He reckons, though it was a bit rough around the edges, the BEEB should commission a full series to be made once the virus allows?
I bumped into this totally by accident and was quite impressed, it's another example of turning a bad start in life into a career I guess and Sophie does it well.

Have to admit to some nostalgia too as it's based in my (and her) home town.
I'm with you JJ. I read a review that really bigged it up and settled down with great expectations.

We were really disappointed. The story was limp, it was oddly cast, and crude and unfunny.
Watched 10 minutes,absolute rubbish. Tried the other "Comedy" Brain in Gear,who commissions this foul mouthed junk,? and they've got a nerve to say they can't afford Free TV Licences for over 60's.
I don't think anyone has proposed free licences for over 60s- that would be approaching half the adult population
Watched this last night and I thought it showed promise, particularly as it is semi-autobiographical. If a series were to result from this pilot, I would certainly give it a whirl. No worse than many of today's so-called comedy programmes. However, I do agree that the bad language was a tad excessive. Maybe, over a 6 episode series, that could be thinned out a little?

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Alma's Not Normal

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