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barry1010 | 15:02 Fri 07th May 2021 | Media & TV
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On a recent episode, Kristen performed a miracle repairing it. I want to buy one but can't find the proper name of the lamp nor the maker online. Can you help?


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it was lovely ,and what a brilliant repair ,i end up blubbering quite a lot watching the show x
Don't think they're exactly the same but may be of help
Kirsten was as thrilled as the owner at the end result wasn't she?

Fabulous job.

It was decades old so may be a discontinued model.
Try searching Ebay or other sites.
Question Author
Thanks all, I checked eBay straight away as usually when an item appears on The Repair Shop similar items are listed for sale on that site.
I did the same search as you, Margo, and came the conclusion that 'bunnies cottage' is not the real name of the piece and I was hoping that somebody could me tell the manufacturer and / or the range it is from. It probably was long discontinued but there is always hope that somebody, somewhere has one for sale.

I find it fascinating to look at eBay listings for the items that have appeared on the show, it's turned in to a hobby, but I really want to buy that piece (not that actual one, but identical).

It is a particularly lovely piece and the size is impressive.
It was gorgeous and perfect for a little girl.
Question Author
This is for my very grown up sister who would love it
Yes! Any age.
It was amazing wasn't it?

found this one on etsy - similar but obviously very small.

Happy hunting! x
It must have taken her ages but what a job she made of it.
Question Author
Thanks, Squealsy, that is similar but not identical. I shall keep searching

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