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Bert45 | 16:07 Fri 07th May 2021 | Media & TV
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At the start of the Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5, when JV introduces the guests for that morning, his assistant, Storm Huntley, applauds while moving her hands round in a circular fashion. What's that all about?


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Have you got a link please? Does she normally do this?


round of applause?
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"Have you got a link please? Does she normally do this? " 1. No 2. Yes.
Sorry, it's not on YouTube. You need to watch it, or this description should be enough: She claps beginning with her hands raised and then she moves them in a circular motion while still clapping. It's quite brief; she may only make a semi-circle. I couldn't say whether it's clockwise or anticlockwise.
Tora has it, to encourage the audience to applaud at the introductions.
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You could well be right, Mamyalynne and Tora. I must say, I have only noticed this recently. For quite some time they have not had a studio audience (covid), and I don't think that they have a virtual audience. It just looks weird.
Many shows do it but usually off camera, probably an affectation peculiar to that programme.

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