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andy-hughes | 00:16 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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I am the first to understand that comedy is subjective - I have a member of my family whom I love dearly, notwithstanding that she thinks Michael McIntyre is funny ...

But I watched about twenty minutes of Eddie izzard on tv tonight, and I simply don't get it

I couldn't raise a smile if my life depended on it, so what am I missing?


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Saw him live once (absolutely years ago) and he was fantastic - very funny and charismatic.
You aren't necessarily missing anything, you just aren't on his wavelength.

I think he's marvellous.
He's one of those stand-ups who became increasingly less funny as he grew older. Some of his early shows from the 90s were solid gold.
Makes a note to get Mr Stevens onto Mozz ;-)
Many comedians become increasingly less funny as the years go by - Billy Connolly is a prime example
What he used to be, he is no more. Like the rest of us really.
Mr Stevens? You've lost me there Mamya.
Mamya is your boss, Mozz
Take a tray and I'll get back to you Mozz.
Careful, most of them are wet.
Can't get the staff Roy.
Jesus, I'm slow on the uptake tonight.

*Kills Roy with a tray*
Do you have a flag?
what did you think of bernard manning...
I didn't care much for Bernard's comedy, it's a personal thing isn't it?
In my humble opinion, Eddie Izzard used to be extremely funny 15 or 20 years ago but these days, not so much.

Generally speaking, people's musical and comedic creativity peaks around 30 years old. Obviously, this is a huge generalisation and there are a number of notable exceptions but on the whole, this seems to be the case. Why? Who knows but when you look back at the 'greats' in both music and comedy, it's rare to find someone who is making ground-breaking art in those genres when they're in their 40s, 50s and 60s and beyond. Almost invariably, their best work is when they're in their 20s and 30s.
morecombe and wise managed to sustain their comedy later in life. i still laugh at their stuff.

as to Eddie Izzard - have to be open minded when he is in full flow
i have found him amazing in the past.
He’s funnier in the original French.
Apparently she prefers to be referred to in the feminine now.
Andy, it might help if you told us who you do find funny.

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