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Bobbisox1 | 20:13 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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I was quite happy about the line up but didn't think Denise Van Outen should of gone through instead of Lady Leshurr and I hope John Barrowman doesn't over camp it like he did last year, up to now, I'll be watching


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I agree with you about Lady Leshurr. She was the better skater, but when the public vote they also vote for who they like and Denise is obviously more popular and probably much more well known. Pity Rufus Hound used a popular entertainment show to make a political comment.
I also saw the programme. I think it was far too long - 2 hours. Far too much waffling around I thought. The dancing part was ok
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Ads after every dance....too much
I record it, start watching at about 7pm and run through all the adverts.
I will do that next week, same as I do with other programmes
Rufus didnt look too pleased to get a golden ticket through did he? Think he just wanted to do the minimum he has to for him to get his fee,

He even admitted he only did it because he has no other work on, plus adding the political stuff, he wants to fet kicked off.
Ah, Rufus was being Rufus...and that's good. I loved that he can show emotion.
As for the political statement. Good on him. More than ever now we need folk like him to take every opportunity they can because sure as hell neither your government or mine is acting well.
can we just have one show that isnt about politics.
Of course we can, Bunk. When those who can change things do.
What a surprise Vanessa Bauer - the sexy pro who gets all the tabloid headlines - has once again got the best celebrity partner!
Recorded it because I know from previous years that there are way too many ads. Yes, agree with others Denise should have gone, I felt sorry for Lady Leshurr, she was by far the better skater. I whizz past the judges as well as I can't stand Barrowman's campness and I totally agree about Rufus Hound, should have kept his big mouth shut. Sick of so called celebs sounding off on purely entertainment shows! Overall, I wasn't too impressed, will watch next week though to see what the remaining celebs are like. I much prefer Strictly!
i'd only watch it if b j was persuaded to take part . . .

Oh and I didn't like Holly's frock either!
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Who is Rufus? What is Rufus? I know he said he turned up for his west end show and was told the theatre was shutting , was he in the The Greatest Shownman? I only say that because of the caterpillar on his top lip and what political statement, I must have went to make a coffee then :0/
He was supposed to be in "Everybodys talking about Jamie"
He's supposed to be a comedian Bobbie, but I have never found him funny. He sounded off about free school meals for kids and had a pop at the Government about them.
Gone right off it I'm afraid. Too much filler. I had hoped that this series would be better without audience squealing and whooping but no, they put on a fake audience squealing and whooping track.

In any case it peaked when Gemma Collins fell over. Nothing will ever top that.
I didn't watch it, but have seen pictures of Holly's frock.
I thought she looked great in it.
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I'm with CJ seeing Gemma skid on her nose on the ice , yep, top that , lol

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