It's A Wonderful Life

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rowanwitch | 18:10 Thu 24th Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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It wasnt, I hadn't seen it before I just don't get how everyone thinks it's so brilliant. It was too long, and hammy as heck. I kept watching to be able to say I had.... Life's too short.


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oh webbo3, typo. lol
I had always heard so much about it, and I know how popular it is, and i can see why, but I hateds it on sight.

The plot is mawkish, the dialogue is wooden the editing is terrible, all the actors shout at each other, I find no redeeming qualities at all.

But look on the bright side - it's not South Pacific!!!
Singing in the rain is on Christmas day morning if anyone is interested. Ive set it to record. Ive never seen it. I bet the stage version would have been really good.

it's not South Pacific!!!

LOL, my Mom made me go to the cinema to watch that with her when I was a small boy ( I still haven't gotten over it ).
It's a great film.
It’s a classic. Moral is what ever we do, say has an impact on our and others futures.
It's a lovely film and although somewhat twee and dated the moral stays true.

I am not one who can rewatch films generally.
// I just don't get how everyone thinks it's so brilliant.//

We can't all like the same thing, but I honestly think anyone that doesn't think this is a good film is either not paying attention to it properly or has a screw loose.
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Ok so let's call it. Marmite but I know what you mean a out South Pacific. That is a truly bad film which doesn't do justice to a reasonable score as musicals go.
Georgiesmum. 'Singing in the Rain' is one of my all time favourites. I've seen the stage version too - and they flooded the stage for the big dance. Superb!

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It's A Wonderful Life

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