It's A Wonderful Life - When is it on this year?

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JeniPeni | 14:37 Tue 04th Dec 2012 | Media & TV
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Hi, does anyone know when Its a Wonderful Life will be on this year - if you have a christmas tv guide to hand? I've never seen it!


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Saturday, December 8 at 7p.m. on Sky Movies Classics and Sky Movies Classics HD
Or you could watch it on online
I too had never watched it till a couple of years ago. I was soooo disappointed with it, I thought it was silly nonsense. And I adore James Stewart!
Nooo - it's the best film in the world ... ever :+)
LyndaB -If you like James Stewart and you like christmas films, he did one called The Shop Around The Corner. Made in 1940 (I think). Quite twee (typical of the time) and quite corny but really christmassy. It was based on a Hungarian play.
No it ain't dave, Mary Poppins is lol.
You could watch this one too:

I've downloaded it for the iPod.
My favourite Jimmy Stewart film is 'Shenandoah'. Makes me cry just thinking about it!!
Wasn't it shown Sunday gone?
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Thanks all, I'll watch it on Saturday then. I hope I'm not disappointed too - everyone all says what a fantastic film it is.
It was on on Saturday, but I missed it.
Thanks again.
I think it's a Marmite film - so many people I know think it is fabulous.

i watched it once, and never want to see it again - I found the dialogue clunky and shouted, the plot maudlin, and the editing so fast it gave me travel sickness!

But as i say, loads love it - certainly more than don't, so hopefully you will enjoy it.
It was on last week, I've never seen it though, what's the great attraction with it, my daughter always raves over it and watches it?
I remember saying to workmates that I had never seen the film "The Day they Gave Babies Away". Was told it was one of the best films ever made and a real weepy so eventually I got a copy. Soooooo disappointed, what a load of sentimental tosh. Could it be we are all a bit nostalgic at times? Told my grandsons they had to watch Dr No as it was the best ever Bond film. Well, maybe 50 years ago when I was 14 but......................

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It's A Wonderful Life - When is it on this year?

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