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Caran | 00:17 Mon 13th Jul 2020 | Media & TV
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I shouldn't really watch this. Whenever a piece of Lalique is on I get upset.
When my grandmother died she had about 4/5 pieces of Lalique as well as other really good stuff. My mother didn't like things like this and she put everything in the dustbin. Nothing I could do about it as I was about 13 at the time but I do remember it.


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Oh I know, so often you see something you recognise from houses in your past don't you.
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I can still remember one of the pieces. It was a lady, in pale green, very elegant in a long flowing gown.
We've all done it, Caran. I won't tell you about the tatty looking Chinese vase I sold for £1 at a jumble sale.

A friend was clearing her mum's house. There was a root bound old plant in a bowl. It was when it broke as she banged it on the compost bin that she spotted the signature. It was Clarice Cliff. :-(
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Hi gness, lovely to hear from you.
My mother had no taste for history at all. There were no end of albums containing very ornate cards. Lace decorated, gold lacquered ones, all from the war.
I have just a few of those cards, Caran. My mother-in-law had a huge collection. She was looking at them as she loved to do when the doctor made his monthly call. He told her that collecting them was his hobby and could he have some. She didn’t like to offend her doctor so let him help himself. He took lots. I was furious and wanted the family to ask for them back but they wouldn’t.
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We have all got these horrendous historical stories haven't we.
Indeed we do. Just think.....if we had those things now we could sell them and clear off on holiday together......... ;-)
My mum kept everything. Not necessarily valuable. I rescued a few things when she died, to take back to the UK. I have 2 art deco reverse painted pictures like these. I treasure them because they remind me of her.
When I was five we moved into a three storey house in South London and we found loads of old things in there including a very old miniature book which I proceeded to destroy by pulling the pages out. I could kick myself as it may have been worth a few bob now!
Pasta they are nice, still got a few bits at my late mums, but my brother who is executor is not playing ball. Have sent him one solicitors letter another is waiting to go, he says he is worried if his wife reads them.
If everybody had kept their old stuff most of it would have no value today. Especially things like Clarice Cliff that was made by the many thousands and sold through Woolworths. It's the rarity that makes them valuable
I can sympathise. When I was in my early thirties with two kids, a small house, and no room to store my collection of vinyl LPs from my teenage years, I gave most of them away to the two young boys who lived next door. They were original albums from the Beatles and Stones, now worth a fortune.
// Nothing I could do about it as I was about 13 at the time but I do remember it.//

happens a lot Caran and yes there is nothing to do about it. My late mther threw away all her lifetime photos before she died. we knew where they were and when we looked - they werent. - a friend's mother broke the blue glass spacer of a fruit basked and so threw the silver frame away. even I looked stunned
a member of the family triumphantly boasted that 'she had got rid of finally' my mothers ( reproduction ) william and mary dining table and six chairs.
as I said to her daughter - unless you or I can give it space there is nothing we can do. replaced with more modern IKEA
another said: "I have given away all your fathers books, I took them to a book shop and said sell them and keep the money - we dont want anything ..." - so all my presents to him were given away, inscribed "dear papa from ....." because they hadnt bothered to open them
My grandparents had a very nice pair of Staffordshire dogs. They told my dad they watched him and told the grandparents if he was naughty. As soon as they both died dad smashed both the dogs, they had that much of an effect on him.

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