Is Too Much Of Today’s Youth Culture Dark And Depressing?

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thesshhh | 21:30 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | Media & TV
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Been watching Normal People and, while it is excellent, it is also dark and depressing. I find that with much of today’s pop music too - Adele, Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, etc. Even today’s comedians don’t give me belly laughs like those I grew up watching. No decent sitcoms on telly now. Don’t you think too much of today’s youth culture is too bloomin miserable, or is it just me?!


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Yes. Bring back The Smiths
I think it's you and I know what you mean cos I feel the same! I was saying only recently that no-one tells jokes anymore, do they? It's a narrative that more often than not might be slightly amusing. But I'd do it if I was getting paid for it. Beats working!
Hmmm let's see what was around when I was a teen...

The Smiths
Echo and the Bunnymen
Joy Division

Oh yes, joyous times.

Every generation has it's share of downbeat music. We're just doing the same as our parents did to the music we liked when we were young.
You're right about sitcoms though. They're blooming awful nowadays.
"youth culture" - very little of it about in my opinion, they all spend 25 hours a day on twitface as far as I can tell . Success is having the most "friends" and they have a meltdown if they read something less that complimentary about themselves. They only seem to watch programs about other self obsessed idiots.
Part of the process of growing older is that younger people live in a world that is increasingly alien to you.

Their culture, speech, music, technology - in fact everything that they are comfortable with and see as natural and normal, is odd and strange and incomprehensible to you.

That's how it is, and how it should be.

I was taking with my grand-daughter about this - she is twenty-three and I am sixty-five.

I told her that when I was her age, I found it difficult to relate to people the age I am now, because I hadn't had their experiences, and my world was very different from the one they lived in.

Now I am that age, I find it difficult to relate to people her age, because they have not had the experiences I have had, and their world is very different from the one I lived in.

It's the way of the world - embrace it!

I may not be able to do everything with a smart phone that it is capable of, but I saw Queen when they were a support act!!!
TTT - do you actually know any ‘youth’?
mostly the grads at work.
TTT, maybe your profession attracts a certain personality type.
is your son like that ttt?
// Hmmm let's see what was around when I was a teen...//

oh I had the lovable scouse mop-heads - the bay-attles
and Mick - Rusty - Marianne - Hermann with his hermits....
i think my son is too old to be a yoof bednobs
i assumed he was young as he was at uni. sorry!
I haven't seem the programme you mention but in my opinion smart Alec woke comedians together with political correctness was responsible for the demise of real comedy.
Ed Sheeran is dark and depressing? That's a shame. In my day we just had Alice Cooper guillotining dolls on stage for entertainment.
jno - //In my day we just had Alice Cooper guillotining dolls on stage for entertainment. //

I love Alice, and always have. I remember playing 'I'm Eighteen' when I was eighteen!!

My favourite was when he turned up on stage and the front of his tee-shirt said "Britney Wants Me" and the back said "Dead!"
25 nobs done a lot in academia!
There's a lot of great stand up comedy out there, but it's TV comedy that's died a death. They don't make prime time sitcoms anymore, and when they do it's dross like Miranda or Mrs Brown's Boys. The age of sitcoms is past, this is the age of celebrity panel shows instead.
Every generation has light and shade, from literature to film,music and television.

Most of the young don't watch mainstream TV much at all.
Jno, I dontrsee Ed Sheeran as dark and depressing at all. He's just a bloke with a guitar. No darker than Dylan, Cat Stevens, Don McLean or anyone else who came before him.

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Is Too Much Of Today’s Youth Culture Dark And Depressing?

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