Is It The End For The Soapswiyh The Virous What Can They Film. No Pubs,Shops

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gollob | 18:31 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Media & TV
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or people standing close to each other What recordings will we see with no handshakes


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they could be filmed jogging in parks as long as they run well apart yelling dialogue at each other. I'm sure Minnie Caldwell would never have stood for this, though.
The soaps have suspended recording and will be showing reduced episodes until the run out - they are normally filmed 3 months in advance of broadcast. I'm sure they will be back to normal eventually
They're bringing a new soap out called "Covfefe". It's about an American President who foresaw a Pandemic in a dream, woke up and tweeted it's name, then forgot why he had tweeted that particular word. Anyhow, this President, single-handedly, thwarts this virus and becomes the saviour of all mankind. Looks quite promising.
David Attenborough, "A Walk Amongst The Virus's."
Well you just preface each programme with 'Several Years Ago'. Only trouble is it would have to be cartoons or CGI!
Their stories repeat every 6 months so just repeat from September and no-one will notice.

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Is It The End For The Soapswiyh The Virous What Can They Film. No Pubs,Shops

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