The Duggar Family

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jennyjoan | 21:40 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Media & TV
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I follow and have done so the above Duggar family. There are 19 children plus mama and dada which makes it 21. Now some of their children have children.

How on earth will they cope with social distancing etc.


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Wasn't there a bit of a hoo-ha regarding dad Duggar a few years ago?
They will each stay in their own homes, the same as any other family.

I can't understand why this sort of show is popular, I have no interest in strangers' lives.
I've just googled and see the family is American, I don't know what Americans are doing about social distancing or any other measures.
According to Facebook they are praying a lot.
Americans in general or just that family, mamya?
That family, probably others too of course.
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Tuvok - was it maybe the eldest son Duggar rather than Dada.

Ach Barry - nothing is going on in my life so I'm interested in everybody else's.

As you can see a Sad life I have LOL
The fact that Trump is seriously suggesting that America can be fully up and running by Easter Sunday - "that would be beautiful", "we'll take off like a rocket ship" etc etc - makes me think all Americans should be praying.
One loaf of bread and a pack of 4 loo rolls wouldn't be any good for them! Ha ha!!

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The Duggar Family

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