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Stephen Tomlinson, apparently, (when he was a babe, obviously) :-)
Bruce Willis.
Don't you have any clean vests Zacsmaster ;-)
When i was younger I was told I looked like Wincey Willis.
Back in my teaching days, the kids all reckoned that I looked like Michael Barrymore - but I refuse to stand in for him in 'Dancing On Ice'! (I can't even stand up on the stuff!)
I spotted myself in a photo of the inside of a pub in St Albans that we were going to work on. About half an hour later I realised I'd never been to the pub - but I 'was there.'
>>> When i was younger I was told I looked like Wincey Willis

So you've spent much of your life surrounded by rats then, Caran?

Patsy looks like Linda Lusardi? I'm going to enjoy AB more in future!
You'll go blind, Hopkirk!

Depends how often Patsy posts, Chris..... :-)
At 20:25, I don't remember UFO. I think she was in something call 'The Brothers'.
They said I looked like Lulu back in the day
i'm sick to the back teeth telling folk that i'm not george clooney

I was once told I was like a cross of actresses Susan George and Susan Penhaligon, but that was a long while ago and the guy was trying furiously to get me to go out with him at the time. I resisted, but dined off his compliment for years after.
Don't know who this guy is, or what he does, but i've often been told i look like Hugh Needadrink.

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