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Yep - a person who I don't particuarly like (Helen Mirren)
Back in the 1970s 2 ladies accosted me in a supermarket and insisted I was somebody who played somebody on a soap-opera which I had never seen. I hadn't a clue who they were on about, but they wouldn't believe me and in the end I signed a bit of paper with this actress's name, just to get away!
Yes- Errol Flynn
no But I know I have got a doppelganger. I was grabbed by a lady in Tesco who hugged me and said how lovely it was to see me and how long had I been in the UK, were all the family back with me. She wouldn't belive that I wasn't who she thought I was and when her husband and adult kids arrived they, while believing me, were gobsmacked at the likeness too. Apparently my doppelganger lives in Australia, or did then but was originally from the Uk. What finally convinced her was my lack of an Aussie accent. I often wonder if my doppelganger was ever accosted by someone who knows me and whether we still look alike now we have aged.
I haven't but i do remember Frankie Boyle telling a story in which someone told him he looked like one of The Proclaimers. Who are, of course, identical twins:-))
Yes in my, and her, younger days Cilla Black.
Funny, I was just having this conversation last night. I am always being compared to a younger Britney Spears. All my mates call me 'Britney' instead of my real name now.

I am Toxic :-)
Since I was 28 Jeff Chandler
I too have a doppelganger who it seems lives in the same town as me and I've literally lost count of the number of times in the past I have been mistaken for her, one chap even told me the likeness was uncanny !! Quite scary really, but it hasn't happened for a few years now.

In my younger days, I was often told I looked like a popular actress at the time - Gabrielle Drake - and was even accosted by a stranger (female) in a café who kept looking over at me and eventually came over and told me how like her I was ! I personally couldn't see it.
Yep, Emilio Estevez... more akin to his Billy the Kid in Young Guns era.
In my very young days, Jean Shrimpton, mainly because of eyes, hair and figure. Nowadays it is very hard to believe!!
Yes, when in my 30s, I was told I looked like Linda Lucardi.
Then when I went blonde, I was told I looked like Goldie Hawn. Then couple of years ago, I was told I look like Stevie Nicks!..
Lol, I'm not arguing!...
Jason Donovan - I was in Australia in a shopping mall and chased by a gang of girls
Besides my daughter I don't know. I must have a familiar face though as people randomly say hello to me, both here and in Ireland.
Yes......I was in my mid thirties when the manager of a shop apologised for following me around the aisles.
His reason? I fascinated him because I reminded him of Margaret Rutherford..... :-(

I hope it was my hat and flowing cloak rather than multiple chins..... ;-)
I look like nobody and nobody looks like me. A child of the universe. I think I look like a lost puppy.
I was told I looked like Paul Newman several times.
In my childhood and early teens, it was Bamber Gascogine, and in my twenties and into my thirties, as my hair started to go, it was Woody Allen - Boy George even got Culture Club calling me Woody!!

I have my hair cropped short now, so I guess it's just Loyd Grossman left.

I guess I was not destined to be sprayed with evolution's cologne …
hereIam - // In my younger days, I was often told I looked like a popular actress at the time - Gabrielle Drake …

I had a major crush on her when she was in UFO.

Boris Karloff

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