Is Anyone Else Having A Problem With Their Computer Headphones Today? ( Sorry Dont Know Where Else To Post!)

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ouibonjour | 11:36 Wed 25th Sep 2019 | Media & TV
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Is anyone else having a problem with their computer headphones today? ( sorry dont know where else to post!)


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Okay - mine were working perfectly last night. Today they are dead! Checked all the wires, tried plugging it out and plugging it in again! All setting as they were before. Tried to look up on Google if anyone else had had trouble, and one or two folk had said they had trouble with theirs after the latest microsoft update. Tried looking that up, but couldnt understand what they put as its too technical for me. Sorry if this seemed a bit jumbled up!
I assume they are not working? If headphones have a 3.5 mm jack connector I would connect to an alternative source e.g. tv or radio to see if its a headphone or computer issue.
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Okay Tony - I will try that next! Have to go hospital first visiting as hubby in after a heart attack. Thanks for your time both!
I'm no help I'm afraid ouibonjour - but I wish you and your hubby all the very best.
>>> sorry dont know where else to post!'

'Technology' would have seemed the obvious place to me but it doesn't matter as long as people still see your question.

The first thing to do is to click on the loudspeaker icon at the bottom right of your screen. If there's a 'No Entry' symbol showing there, clicking on it should restore your sound. If that symbol doesn't appear there, click on the loudspeaker symbol within the vertical bar that's appeared to mute the sound. Then click again to (hopefully) restore it.

If that doesn't work, try rebooting your computer. (It's amazing how often "Turn it off and turn it on again" works!)

If you've still got no sound, try another set of headphones. (Borrow some or fork out a pound or two for a cheap set of earphones in a discount shop). Assuming that they don't work either, the next step is to reinstall the sound driver on your computer. That's a fairly easy task but, to make it easier to provide you with instructions, it would help to know which version of Windows you're using.
Another thought:
Have you checked that it's all sound that's disappeared from your computer or is it, possibly, just the sound from a particular program or website?

For example, if you've so far only experienced sound loss on Youtube, check whether there's sound when you play a video on the BBC News website or when you insert a CD into the drive on your computer.

More than once we've had people asking questions about missing sound when all that's actually happened is that they've accidentally muted a Youtube video. If you do that, the sound will vanish on all other Youtube videos until you cancel the mute operation. (Look for a loudspeaker symbol, with a line through it, at the bottom left of a Youtube video. Click on it to remove that line and turn Youtube sound back on).
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Buenchico - brilliant - did what you said and never noticed before there was a slider by the loudspeaker symbol, telling the sound level fool that I am! Adjusted that and voila- everything is okay! Thanks so much - and thank you HereIam for your kind words!
oh dear ...............

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Is Anyone Else Having A Problem With Their Computer Headphones Today? ( Sorry Dont Know Where Else To Post!)

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