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spathiphyllum | 18:21 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Any threads on this?

Wildly interesting, very good opportunity to see the perspectives of these kids.


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You don't have to be Asian to have contempt for the National Anthem and for the so-called Royal family.

I despise an anthem which calls upon a god I don't believe in to 'save' a monarch whom I refuse to recognise. The Russians knew what to do with so-called 'royal' families. The sooner we do the same the better!
I too have no time for the National Anthem even although they have conveniently dropped the verse "Rebellious Scots to crush". Not a lot of time for the Royal Family either.
OMG because of who you are you can get away with saying that Chris. I think you should remove it. What happened to the Russian Royal family was effing barbaric.
The end ALWAYS justifies the means, Prudie.
^^^Rotten thing to say. We all 'think' things but most of us know not to voice them!
Anyway Prudie----What do you mean--'because of who you are you can get away with saying it'.Who is this Chris??
^ It's the Aspergers talking
>>> We all 'think' things but most of us know not to voice them!

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

If you think it, say it. It's totally irrelevant if what you think will cause hurt or offence, you MUST say it. The truth ALWAYS matters, people NEVER matter.
Andres nothing secret - Buenchico usually signs himself as Chris and he is very open about being a site moderator for AB. I cannot see that comment as justified on here - especially in comparison to the stuff that does get removed.
"...truth ALWAYS matters, people NEVER matter..."

pi££ing on memorials is disgusting, offensive & cowardly, knowing deceased cant respond.

Russians removed their royalty for gov control. They darent speak freely or against their gov. General public live in poverty with little health care.
Just been watching the final episode.

The kids (in their cross-cultural pairs) were invited to give short presentations to the parents and project sponsors on the value of the experience.

I was extremely impressed (surprisingly so, to be honest) by the quality of the presentations.

PS: end of "term" party turned out OK, too.
Shame theyre so scared of animals. Loved Lucas & the girl who finally accepted him.

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