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grumpy01 | 22:01 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Can someone explain to me what Haffen Oar is please.


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longer than a quartra ofa noor
sorry the po-faced brigade have banned do-it-yourself spelling
blue pencil time

offenbach said of Wagner - zair are boodifoll moments and offool half-hours !

I hope that helps - in the limited time this little thread will live
An hour, divide by two.
fred killer !
the freds go down even as we speak ! - er write
Sorry, haffen't oar'd of it before.
Haffen Oar is the result of a collision in the canals of Amsterdam between a large barge and a small pro.
fred seems to have made it froo da niiiiiiight (misquote for the Manny Barilow fans)
What he said when asked if he was up the creek "No, Haffen Oar"
and in "coro" last night what a brill bit of comedy from chesney,
yeah Offenbach used to perform to raise money and one time
got up and walked away during a performance
yeah and there was an ABer who said: he's gone and I've paid - where's me munneh ?
and the well worn theatre goer sid oh dont worry - he's often back !

yeah and free-tee (3T TTT) champion of the inpenetrable brogue and other nonsense was asked about classical music , reflected ( = he thought, some hope but this is a story ) and said:
"Is Wagner nouvelle vague - naaah!

ter -daaaah !
the do it yourself spellers will just - - - disappear and be heard no more. only po faced comments please

Chesney - worf a look?
gawd elp us TOVI is spouting his usual drivel.
in all honesty, your posts are up there in unreadability!
PP, why do you insist on posting gibberish when I know that you are literate?
chesney who dat den?
Dat's Cilla's lad I reckon.
Question Author
He was on again last night night with his Haffen Oar.Surely even ITV can afford someone who can speak the Queen's English and say Half an Hour.
A lot of the continuity announcers have regional accents. Why shouldn't they?
Your patience and vigilance is commendable.

Please, keep us up to date on this.
Question Author
Almost everyone has a regional accent Tilly but surely not as grating as this one.

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