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DeeLicious | 22:16 Sun 31st Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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From AC12 to PC12 - typical BBC. Also a tediously difficult storyline. What did you think?


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Your man's going to turn out bad, Mark my words. No Nornirelander EVER put money behind any bar. In conclusion, Insp Kate had great eyes.
01:33 Mon 01st Apr 2019
Having never seen it, I was confused at the AC to PC bit in the question.
But I guess everything is going PC these days.
I had looked forward to it and it did not disappoint me. Found the acronyms could be worked out. Shocked by the final twist.
Having worked within the NHS for 25 years, I could spend rather a long time time picking holes in Casualty et al.
Just suspend disbelief and follow the plot as it is presented....Great...
But some things don't make sense, even if you want to suspend disbelief. As well as all the things mentioned by Retrocop, the actual route was very unlikely for such a high value cargo because it looked like a single lane, unmarked road through a field. And did the UCO REALLY order the killing of 4 police officers? Are they really dead, or were the gang firing blanks and didn't know it? Anyone with any experiencde of firearms will be able to tell the difference between blanks and live ammunition. I didn't think it was that good, TBH.
"Anyone with any experience of firearms will be able to tell the difference between blanks and live ammunition." True. People shot at with blank ammo do not fall down dead with blood pouring from their wounds. And vehicles do not suffer bullet holes. As someone who does have experience with firearms, albeit a zillion years ago, the sound of a blank being fired does not differ from the sound of live ammo. Only when there is a blank attachment on the end of the barrel which suppresses the noise to a degree.
AC = anti corruption

PC = police officer
12 reffers to the department. There is AC 1-12. Dot works for AC 6
Dot don't work for nobody. He died in series 4.
Thoroughly enjoyed it, as always since Series 1.
Cheers for that ken (Y) on series 3.
"Found the acronyms could be worked out. "

By the absolute simplest of simpletons. I wonder, in a police programme about anti corruption units, what AC unit 12 means..
The acronyms used are fairly easy to decypher in comparison to some units I’ve had dealings with!:

AC anti corruption
PC police constable
dci detective chief inspector
di detective inspector
ACC assistant chief constable

They'r emostly titles for positions. Things like Fahrenheit are codes for "it's hot" or what not.

I do feel they are very easy to decipher with some quick thought about the situation they're used. Are they codes for action? Are they titles for officers? Are they titles for units?

For example.. VCU when referring to a squad with weapons- violent crime unit

I think those acronyms were deliberately ambiguous in order that those who didn't need to know..........didn't :-)

My first Group designation was B8 then TO14 followed by SO14 (3). God only knows what it is now and I suppose I am not supposed to.
boring 8

To overweight 14

still overweight 14
Quite right retro.
Most of my colleagues had never heard of E4Alpha(as they were known) until Loughall.

They certainly knew afterwards!
Lucy Mangan always gives a week by week recap on each series.
Acronyms included :) UCO for example = Undercover officer .
I have the right to be questioned by an officer at least one rank higher that mine
I'd only ever seen one in a previous series but found this fairly easy to follow, having lived and worked in a military environment acronyms are a doddle! It was fairly obvious that the embedded police officer wasn't the one they tried to push which only really left one other of the gang!
// I know it is SOP for police officers not to dive into water to save a drowning person, retro, (H&S and all that) //

I thought it as pretty obvious that in real life ( its a prog for chrissakes, where the good guys win, where as in real life the hissborough police become chief constables) that in real life they would just drive past and say
hmm..... burning car wiv ickle baby inside - looka dat!

in real life at the Arena a zero responder said that he had a gun stuck in his mush as he attended a victim
the zero responder said - are you gonna do anything to help?
and the hedavily armed cop went and stuck a gun in someone elses mush
( and that was all he saw of outside help for 35 mins)

its a prog for chrissakes

a swedish cop undercover robbed a bank on duty ( I thought we had some of that)
and I wondered how much of SDS and their deep penetration activities ( the secret police were screwing poltical activists they were spying on and THEN walking away from the babies!) hur hur hur -
men must have been queuing up for those sort of duties!

I thought the story line was OK
good cops go after bad cops - - that is not above the average Aber is it?

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