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DeeLicious | 22:16 Sun 31st Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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From AC12 to PC12 - typical BBC. Also a tediously difficult storyline. What did you think?


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Your man's going to turn out bad, Mark my words. No Nornirelander EVER put money behind any bar. In conclusion, Insp Kate had great eyes.
01:33 Mon 01st Apr 2019
I kept nodding off. I was totally confused. Hubby was just as confused but wouldn't admit it!
Total carp with a ridiculous story line.
I was mystified by all the acronyms.
Finding it increasingly hard to suspend my disbelief. Where are the other officers in AC-12? It can't be just the three of them.
I’m wondering if the previous posters have ever seen, LOD. If they haven’t I can understand if they were a bit befuddled.

As a long standing fan of the programme, I loved every minute.
Thank goodness Chrissa, so did I. x
Brilliant, imvho. Where are the other officers in AC12? Isn't that like asking where are all the other pathologists in Silent Witness? Or where are all the other DIs in Frost? And who saw the tiwst coming at the end? I certainly didn't.
Good to see some loose ends being tied up from the last series and the only thing that confused me was how come Kate Fleming was a DI when Steve Arnot was being put forward for promotion at the end of Series 4?
I'm a long standing fan of LOD ... LFOLOD ! But i was mighty disappointed. We were googling the acronyms during the first half, and had dozed off by the end of the second half. I didnt find it complicated, in fact all rather pedestrian and just a bit daft.

Shame some great actors, doing their best with some poor direction.

//I was mystified by all the acronyms.//
Yes hellywell4. Unfortunately I find I often spend my hour's viewing explaining to my dear wife what all these acronyms mean.
It was worse in the very good series 'Bodyguard'. My wife repays the assistance when I rarely watch hospital programmes and she has to explain medical acronyms and procedures.
I can state from experience that high value drugs/firearms escorts due for disposal would never stop under the circumstances depicted tonight.
A high security escort would have continued and radioed a local police unit to attend the car fire along with the Fire Brigade. Hard but true.
Also,it would appear, tht the hi-jack gang travelled a very short distance from the scene of the ambush to an outbuiding to hide the vehicles and van involved in the hijack. I would of thought that the injured police officer,having alerted her control of the hi-jack by radio would have had Helo support immediately plus most of the Police Force out scouring the immediate vicinity especially as three police officers were killed.Not rocket science to find a sufficiently large nearby building to house several vehicles when viewed from above by a police helicopter.
I enjoyed it too and didn't let the designations and acronyms get in the way - good stuff.
Yes, retrocop. And we all know not to go down to the cellar when the light bulbs fail. As was explained in the programme, the armed robbers used the ploy of the burning car with a baby inside knowing full well that the IC of the escort was a mother and would therefore find it impossible not to stop and help. The loss of a large cache of drugs versus the life of a child.

The loss of 3 police officers verses the discovery of a doll. :-)
Yeah, well we're all born with 20-20 hindsight. I know it is SOP for police officers not to dive into water to save a drowning person, retro, (H&S and all that) but there are those who have done and hopefully will continue to do so.
//Yeah, well we're all born with 20-20 hindsight. //
Sorry ken. Hindsite does not come into the equation in real life. A vigorous and very strict convoy discipline is the order of the day.
When escorting valuable loads or persons nothing is supposed to stop the convoy. That is why armed escort officers are trained at considerable expense to attend anti ambush escape courses. We called it the 'crash and bash' course.
This isn't real life though is it? It's a television programme designed to entertain us on a Sunday night so a bit of suspension of disbelief helps enormously when watching these things instead of picking holes in it because it doesn't quite come up to a grumpy old policeman's idea of proper procedure.
It was brilliant as usual and with the added bonus of Stephen Graham who's a superb actor.
Not a grumpy old policeman and not a silly women believing the proramme is well produced just because it contains her heartthrob in it either. The Series' Bodyguard' was well researched and a feasable plot.
This LOD is not. It is highly improbable.
Don’t watch it then.

Personally I found it useful that they did a sort of re-cap and I’m not bothered about the abbreviations - it’ll all come out in the end.
I thought it was excellent, well worth the wait. All the acronyms were spoken in full at some point & if they're relevant, timelines for driving getaway vehicles to hideouts & other plot points will, I'm sure, be explained in due course.
Your man's going to turn out bad, Mark my words.
No Nornirelander EVER put money behind any bar.

In conclusion, Insp Kate had great eyes.

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