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JuniperEccles | 23:48 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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Why would Carla, who presumably thinks she's a go-getting businesswoman, still be sharing a grotty flat above a greasy spoon? I vaguely remember it might have been because Roy looked after her when she had her transplant but surely she'd have thought of moving on by now.


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She’s looking after him. I think.
When she came downstairs into the café at the beginning of the first episode, she was saying "Roy, Roy" - I was willing her to continue with "come back to bed"
Why do no ones Overalls get dirty,Peter,Kevin,Tyrone and Gary,all pristine everyday,also,why is Abi wearing Overalls from Kevin's Garage?
Abi used to work there before Kevin sacked her
Because it makes a better story ! Remember its all just made up in the writers imagination! ITS NOT REAL! . You nay as well ask ''Why did the 3 bears leave the porridge on the stove while they went for a walk in the wood?
Because they didn't have a scraper perhaps.
Why do soap threads get so many IT'S NOT REAL remarks! Believe it or not, we do all have brains. We read fiction too and don't believe that either.

Carla sees Roy as a father figure and is looking after him. They love each other as father and daughter. He also cares for her. I think their relationship is great and works well on Corrie. It shows her softer side too.
I agree, Nellie - the 'it's not real' responses are incredibly tedious. I think they're meant to be funny or smart; they're not.
Yes I like their relationship too, such different characters but they are so find of each other. On a different subject, I was wondering how long it would be before Mary started looking after Tyrone and his little girl, she does love someone to take look after. Don't like the drug story with Shona and her horrible son.
I don't like the drug story either. Corrie is getting too like Eastenders...
I love the gentle relationship between Carla and Roy - long may it continue.

Tyrone's overalls were filthy last night ..

I hope Clayton does get beaten up in prison !!
This is one of the many occasions where even a little light analysis of any soap causes it to collapse.

Never mind where Carla lives, there should be a queue of men from Weatherfield to London and back desperate to ask her out, but still she gets stuck with the numpties who live in the orbit of Coronation Street.

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