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derek-33 | 23:26 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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I only watch Emmerdale and Coro. Anyone noticed the boat peters doing up has is getting one side done. And Emmerdales "Dotty" what wonder little character she is .her facial expressions priceless. A TV natural.


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The only one who watches Soaps here is Mrs B. and she has the decency to go to another room for the duration.
Well I’m like you, derek. I love my soaps and watch, Emmers, Corrie, Doctors and Neighbours.

Do you not mean April, not Dotty. Marlon’s daughter?
"decency"......some people can be SO superior...
I don’t watch soaps nowadays. I used to like a few of them.

I was intrigued by what you meant by the boat “getting one side done.” Is Peter only painting one side of it in the hope that the TV viewer will only see that side?
I dont watch any soaps either.
When will somebody have a word with that clown who plays Marlon Dingle and tell him over acting is not necessary.Also,are the script writers adding more frowns for Nick Tilsley in Corrie.he seems to screw his face up at every opportunity.
I don't watch any soaps. I used to watch Corrie, years ago, when it was more believable, & funny.
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no i mean dotty" the tiny one.just watch her actions / expressions when shes on screen not the actors talking
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the camera caught a shot of the "other side" last week, it hasn't been touched. lol
We were like patsy33 watched coronation street years ago with Elsa tanner and ena sharples ,to me they were good character actors,the present day in coronation street and eastenders are poor,especially him with royal connections foul mouthed lout.

/// some people can be SO superior ///

To some people it just comes naturally :o)
Can't get soaps on my telly. Every time one comes on, it somehow switches channels?
Oh I see, derek. I’ll keep my eye on her next time. :)

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