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Corrie Schedules (Again)

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Supermike | 15:55 Sun 22nd May 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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The Corrie schedulers are at it again! Next Sunday (29th) there will be a half hour Corrie at 7.00 P.M and then a half hour Corrie each weekday night starting at 9.00 P.M. Perhaps they are trying to build up the suspense of the silly John Stape storyline?


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Supa dooper!
thanks mike!
I'll have to try and remember!
Is he going to kill again I wonder? :)
One more channel to be avoided at 9pm!
I have never understood the scheduling. As a general rule there are now 5 episodes per week instead of the original 2, so why not show one episode per night , Mon-Fri, instead of 2 episodes on two nights interrupted by another programme? Even then it would make more sense to show an hour-long episode rather than split it into two. I no longer watch it live, preferring to record it then I can move from one episode to the other at my convenience.
Here's an idea....get a life of your own then you will not be ruled by the soap schedules....real .life is so much more interesting if you take the time.
bimbo, how about you get some manners?
Bimbo if you are not interested in the soaps why are you reading this?
Not being rude. Am entitled to an opinion am I not? If the people who watched soaps took the time to speak to people around them, neighbours and especially the elderly who may be lonely, the world would be a much better place. Also, some teenagers seem to think that they should be behaving like the people in these programmes. Not good. My opinion.
Must admit that I thought that comment was a bit harsh. I would strongly deny that my life is ruled by TV schedules, even though I enjoy certain programmes. However some people, by reason of age or infirmity have no other form of entertainment or contact with the outside world, albeit in some instances an unreal one.
I am so sick of soaps all sod*ing evening I refuse to watch the extra's.

Mike, you validate my point...if the elderly are unable to go out, people watching soaps could go and see them...
What makes you think old people want to be visited all the time?
My neighbour would be very cross if her favourite programmes were interrupted.
Question Author
Thanks for your comments Bimbo, much appriciated. I actually posted the original for those who might have missed the changes. It's called trying to be helpful. I'm sorry if I touched a raw nerve for you and I will try and mend my ways by rying to get a life and visit the old, if I can find anyone older than me.
thanks for the info..corriefest...sooooper....
Bimbo, I feel sorry for all of the old people that you visit. They must love it when you start spouting your 'entitled' opinion to them about their television-watching habits.
lol arti

Thanks for the heads up Mike, I hadn't noticed that.

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Corrie Schedules (Again)

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