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No, corporations always try to improve performance, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
No one has died and no one is going to suffer physical harm from not listening to SM show.
SM was a contractor not an employee so changed can be made to the show without his permission.
I'd have thought undiscussed changes would depend on the contract.
But I see no reason to axe anyone.
It’s strange how Mayo has decided to tell all now he has a new radio station to promote. Carnie should be ashamed of the changes he’s made to R2.
Carnie should have been axed the moment he imposed Jo Whiney on Mayo's brilliant show. He's made so many other terrible decisions too, including Sounds Of The 60s on too early, not giving Tony Blakburn back Pick Of The Pops, putting Dermot O'Dreary or Gambaccini on anytime, Zoe Ball on breakfast instead of Sara Cox...I could go on. And we pay our licence fee for the likes of Carnie...
He's not really telling all though is he zacs? If you read the he article really they've just made a load of fuss about a very few things he said which to be honest aren't moans or miserable sounding. I bet the original article this article is based on feels completely different.
It’s just an advert for his new radio station, bednobs.
It should be noted that he made a bad decision for a bad reason.

I posted on here at the time, and I am sure I was one of many - that adding a presenter to a successful format simply to pay lip service to 'gender equality' is a recipe for disaster.

It didn't take a brain of Britain to see that - just someone who listens to both presenters and can see a mile off that they will never gel in a month of Sundays.

Carney had the front to say that the show needed 'time to bed in'!!!

Really??? It's a radio show not a newly turfed lawn!!! If Carney had the courage to admit he got it wrong earlier, they needn't have lost Mayo at all.

So having crashed and burned losing Mayo and Evans, his two major audience draws, Carney presses on with his 'gender equality' and puts Ball and Cox on instead, and they will both bomb as well - and again they will be left there until Carney can no longer pretend that they are 'bedding in'.

I understand that the BBC is a pubic organisation, had has to be seen to be 'doing the right thing' - but if that is at the expense of what it is actually for - entertaining, educating and informing - then clearly the political correct box-ticking outweighs the responsibility to deliver radio to the audience that pays for it.

Anyone can get it wrong, but no-one should be employed to continue to get it wrong, for the wrong reasons, that is the misuse of licence payers' money.
Bit like AB getting it wrong innit.
retrocopy - // Bit like AB getting it wrong innit. //

Not really, for two reasons -

AB is not a publicly funded broadcaster

AB NEVER gets it wrong!!!
Forsooth, a bonnet bee.
Question Author
Loving your (typo) description of the BBC as a “pubic” organisation, Mr Hughes. You’re not wrong with the likes of Carnie in charge
Bring back Alex Lester at night. Another big loss to R2.

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