Should Strictly Stop Including Celebrities Who Are Trained Or Experienced Dancers?

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thesshhh | 07:55 Sun 09th Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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What’s the point, except allowing them to show off their skills on prime time telly? They rarely win. The public haven’t taken to Ashley this series. Faye is a BRIT, but....


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No. Next question
Sort of ruins the concept of a celebratory/pro show doesn't it ?
But how untrained does one have to be ? How can one draw a justifiable line ?
I do prefer to see the celebs who gave no previous dance experience doing well but i dont know where or how they could define the boundaries.
Your surname isn't Bussell by any chance, is it.
No, the brilliant Jill Halfpenny would have been barred from Strictly and many others.

Should sports men and women be excluded because they have far more stamina, discipline for rigorous training and body strength than the average newscaster and politician?

Nearly everyone that has had a career in pop or been to stage school will have had dance training.
OG, sadly no, but think my mum hoped i would grow up with the same grace and style. She must be disappointed!
Ha Ha!
Who cares?
i just dont get why the hell you watch it, you do nothing but moan about it repeatedly
The notion of celebrities who are famous for being good at one thing having a go at another, and being anything from utterly useless to rather good, and getting better, is a standard and popular TV format.

If the producers didn't have a good mix of levels, from the trained dancers who will always do well, to the plucky sports stars who make a decent go of it, they would be doomed to a room full of John Sergeants and Ann Widdecombes - great as the token laugh, but seriously bad TV if they were the majority.

It's just entertainment, it doesn't stand up to serious analysis.
bednobs....Like me, you get the impression that some posters simply watch TV in order to have something to moan about on here.
Yes. Just have fat funny people who can't dance. That would be inspirational.
I'd much rather Strictly was strictly for amateurs, but I agree it would be hard to know where to draw the line on who's trained / experienced and who's not
Strictly has been an entertainment show for many years as opposed to a dance show so why are we surprised that people vote for their favourites rather than the technically competent people. Personally I think its well past its sell by date.
Well, that would rule out anyone who's been to drama school.

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Should Strictly Stop Including Celebrities Who Are Trained Or Experienced Dancers?

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