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Caran | 01:22 Sat 01st Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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I set the recorder for his concert tonight on bbc2 at 11.05. It hadn't recorded it.
I checked on line programmes and it wasn't there any more. Why did they replace it with a Bobby Moore programme.
I'm really disappointed it wasn't on.


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Thank you Mamya i hadn't seen that,
It's unfortunate for his fans of course.
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Yes o for course, lets hope he recovers soon.
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Of course!!
I wish him well.
He's eleven days older than me, and I'm so impressed that he is still able to perform. Don't think I could!!!!!
There is an accompanying piece in the Mail today about Sir Cliff, including comments from his good friend Gloria Hunniford.

Guess what she managed to shoe-horn into her observations, about two sentences in!!!!!
I cannot imagine, andy
I liked Cliff in his early days. The TV ad showing this old man gyrating is totally cringeworthy.
goodgoalie - // I cannot imagine, andy //

Come on, I bet you can if you think about it!!!!!!
I admire Cliff immensely for his long career and his tenacity in the face of such dreadful mistreatment, but I have always wondered, given his obvious wealth and access to any number of wonderful designers - why does he always wear such horrible clothes?
Because he believes he is Peter Pan.
SparklyKid - // Because he believes he is Peter Pan. //

I could agree if I thought he dressed younger than his age, but he has always dressed in the same style - which is designs you never ever see even vaguely replicated anywhere else, and I always think how odd those designs are.
Heard it was going to be a documentary on The Bangles.
I never liked him. He really should retire , he looks awful . Imo

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