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Kathyan | 20:06 Fri 30th Nov 2018 | Media & TV
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Just watched Hollyoaks. A 15 year old boy has assaulted a man and his burger van was burned in the process.He goes to the Police station to confess and his brother, a solicitor, represents him. The brother explains how he was in a car accident and nearly died and this caused him to have anger issues, so asks the Police to 'go easy' on him. The policeman leaves the interview room and comes back later and says ' the CPS have agreed not to prosecute but to send him to a centre for an anger management course', all in the space of a couple of minutes! Am I right in
thinking this would never happen?


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Hollyoaks is aimed at a teenage audience, and I think you'll find that most of the scenarios would never happen in reality...
Larger police station do sometimes have CPS staff on site, so that quick charging decisions can be made but the scenario you describe sounds preposterous.

It doesn't surprise me though. I don't watch soaps but I was at a friend's house when Corrie (or possibly Eastenders) was on. In that programme the police immediately charged a suspect and then went on to interview him about the offence, which is totally contrary to the provisions of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

Also, I was once travelling on Eurostar when I noticed that the guy in the seat next to me was reading a script. I couldn't help reading over his shoulder and I found myself encountering totally ridiculous scenes involving police officers. (They were so ridiculous,in fact, that I had to stop myself laughing out loud). I assumed that the guy next to me must be a college lecturer, and that he was reading the work of one of his less talented students. However, when he'd finished his reading, he closed the cover of the script and I could see what was on the front of it. Alongside the word "Director" was the name of the guy next to me. (I could see it on his train ticket). Also on the front cover was the episode title and the name of the drama itself. It read "The Bill" ;-)
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I know that it's aimed at a younger audience but surely they should make sure that thing are at least true to life?
Kathy....youngsters have a short attention span and like things to move quickly. They'd soon get bored (and would stop watching) if things dragged on in real time...or, would forget storylines that started weeks ago!
Strange, because when I was younger I had a much longer attent...
OG do you need some hel
I didn't realise anyone actually watched Hollyoaks.
/// surely they should make sure that thing are at least true to life? ///

On soaps ? Never in a thousand years, nobody would watch. It's pure escapism.

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