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Who Will Win The Great British Bake Off 2018?

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AB Editor | 11:31 Wed 17th Oct 2018 | Film, Media & TV
26 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • Ruby - 28 votes
  • 31%
  • Kim-Joy - 28 votes
  • 31%
  • Rahul - 18 votes
  • 20%
  • Briony - 16 votes
  • 18%

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Of course, somebody already HAS won it......
Good morning all.

I have set up this poll. It automatically publishes from the AB Editor but please be aware that the AB Editor is still on sick leave.

All information regarding the AB Editor can be found here.
Up until last night I thought Rahul. Surprised he stayed last night.
who gives a damn?
Jerry Dammers?
The person who bakes doughnuts just like Fanny’s, said John Craddock. :-)
Blunders such as this have been recorded from the earliest days of broadcasting, and even popped up on a cookery programme presented by the legendary cook Fanny Craddock and her husband Johnny.

On one occasion, Johnny was admiring his wife's baking skills. He turned with a straight face to the camera and offered the encouraging words: "May all your doughnuts look like Fanny's."
Who ?
Good to see the important issues of the day given a chance ;-)
Could we have an 'I don't know or care - I don't watch it' option, please?
Voted, ta.
-- answer removed --
>Could we have an 'I don't know or care - I don't watch it' option, please?

Could we have other options too- such as "I do watch it but can't make my mind up", "I watch it but but don't care" or "I don't watch it but do care".

A similar thread though based on jourdain's suggestion actually got more posts than this thread so perhaps I'm in a minority. i don't watch it by the way., but I know people who do and don't hold it against them.
You could have a poll with 50 different options and someone would have a pop at it.
The best cook?
retro thats a great story but I think its apocryphal
This is the first series I haven't seen, it was one of Dave's faves, but I got fed up with a little voice from the sofa going that looks good can you make it...
After his woeful efforts this week I can't believe that Rahul is still in it.
you could well be correct but it always tickled my fancy. :-)

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