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lankeela | 14:30 Tue 09th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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Ok so I have finally lost the plot! Who actually owns Home Farm, who has transferred the deeds to who and what is the connection between Kim Tate and Joe?


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I think.....
Although, Joe bought Home Farm it was with his Trust Money. It seems that Kim (Tate) probably managed to gain a large fortune during the years she was absent and went to prison.
I think Frank Tate was pretty much penniless when he died; swindled out of Home Farm by the King family which is why Zoe blew it up as she left for New Zealand with young Joe and baby Jean.
Kim had a son (possibly Frank's or Dave Glover's) who Frank accepted as his - James Francis Tate. Now, James would be Joe's Uncle.....and any 'Tate Estate' would be his before Joe's.

I think it's going to get a bit convoluted but I am sure all that ^^^^ will come to play somewhere.
Kim is the step- mother of Joe. His father was Chris Tate who was once married to Kim. As for the rest, like you, haven't a clue :-)
Well impressed JTH, you are obviously a fan, respect.
Correction- she is his step grandmother
What has happened to the company with the big fancy offices that Joe (under a different name) was running when Debbie first came into contact with him? He seemed to have power and plenty of his own money, but now we find out he's in thrall to Kim Tate....?
Yes. Thanks for that, jth. I must admit I was struggling, and I’ve watched it for decades!
Yes, even after a sort of explanation from Graham tonight i still havent really grasped it.
Mr c informs me that if Kim Tate has committed a crime she shouldn't be able to profit from it...
Can the script writers pile any more grief onto Debbie?
So Tate cudda lyled ..That’s sweet
The masqued ball didn't look like a grand occasion, did it? Only a handful of the village regulars were there!
Really confused now. Emmerdale has always been my favourite soap but now? What are the scriptwriters thinking? This is getting so far fetched. I Bernice and the doctor in the bushes? - Ross and Moria fighting over Simon in the woods? only a handful of people at the ball, few villagers, but thousands raised? Why was it only Eric Pollard recognised Kim? I could go on and on and......

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