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Cmitchell | 22:23 Tue 09th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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This morning I caught the tail end of Chris Evans talking about some life saving app. Something to do with a defibrillator I think. Anyone know which one it was? I think it is a new one to the UK. Looked on App Store but there’s such a multitude of them.....all help much appreciated
Cheers in advance.


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I didn't hear the programme but given that it was likely to be linked to this in The Sun
the app would appear to be this one

Actually, having just typed that, I've now taken a look at the BBC website, which confirms that the show featured the "Who Cares Wins" awards, so I'm more confident than ever that it's the right app. If you still need confirmation you can listen to the show again here:
(You don't need to listen to all of it; you can move the slider towards the end of the show).

As I see it, the aim of the app is to get a defibrillator (and a trained operator) to where it's needed as quicky as possible. If you ever get the chance to view the Department of Health's official training video about using defibrillators you'll see me showing you how it's done ;-)
We have a local defibrillator located on a local stores wall, in middle of village, I nearly had to use it once, but ambulance turned up before I got code. Person in question was treated on board ambulance with their machine and all the other kit they carry
They're appearing in many places these days, Tony, but their distribution is still rather patchy.

For example, there are two within a three-minute walk from where I am now (at the local Co-op and at the Community Centre) and another one just a little further away. That's in a town with a population of around 4,500 people. However some major towns and cities still seem to have very few.

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