Should There Be A Non Pc Tv Channel?

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dave50 | 12:26 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | Media & TV
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Someone should set up a new TV channel which is not afraid to show TV shows from the past that are now considered 'offensive' such as Love the Neighbour, It aint half hot mum, Black and White Minstrel Show, Benny Hill etc. Or perhaps commission some new non PC shows, how refreshing that would be. Perhaps it could be called NonPCTV. What do others think?


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hmmm wont happen..attitudes and tolerance levels are very different now
plus those shows you mention were ***
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Yes but if its all on one channel you dont have to tune in if you find it offensive.
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Must admit I'm not always 100% PC, but even I was cringing when watching It Was All Right in the 70s show. Won't happen.
Good idea. They could also show people actual news instead of PC opinion masquerading as news.
Perhaps it could be the Dave channel........Oh hang on. :))
If it's apparent there is enough of a market for it then there could be a case for it, but it seems unlikely any broadcaster would take that step.

Even aside from any perceived possible offence repeats of those old shows might cause, there's also the issue of the quality of some of them. Personally I thought Hill did some good-quality material but tends to be remembered for smutty stuff featuring scantily-clad dolly birds - that's not all he did by a long way, but perhaps many feel that sort of material tainted the rest of it. But I remember Love Thy Neighbour as just being really poor-quality badly-written dross. But hey, that's me! Maybe others would love to see it again.

As for "non-PC" new shows... it's too debatable what is and isn't "PC". I read that some younger viewers now regard Friends as non-PC. I'm sure an argument could be made for lots of existing shows to be classed as non-PC already.

I'm not sure your hypothetical channel would appeal much to me, especially if it re-ran Love Thy Neighbour and the B&W Minstrels - more from finding them generally rubbish and dull - but I'd probably investigate it out of curiosity! Somehow, I don't think it's going to happen though.
Bernard Manning should be compulsory TV for anyone thinking of moving to Britain.
And Chubby Brown Haz. :))
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There could also be some right wing comedians for a change instead of the same old lefty unfunny 'right on' dross. It would be like traveling back in time to the good old seventies.
You make it sound like there are "lefty" comedians, old-fashioned right-wing ones from the 70s, and that's it. There are plenty of current comedians who are no obvious wing and politics doesn't form part of their acts. I'm not sure the 70s comedians, like the ones regularly on the series The Comedians, were necessarily overtly right-wing in the sense that it formed part of their act, maybe we just assume they were.
And how would this NonPCTV channel be funded ? - have you given that a thought ?
Hell will freeze over before that happens.
“Should There Be A Non Pc Tv Channel?”

Yes, we call it “YouTube” lol

Op, hypothetical question, if you went to South Africa and went to watch a Chanel called nonpctv where whites were racial abused, made to feel small and treated like rubbish and your parents remember this from first hand experience having been victims of racism.
Would you enjoy watching it?
i have an app where i watch all the mentioned programmes for free and there still funny
maggiebee - // Must admit I'm not always 100% PC, but even I was cringing when watching It Was All Right in the 70s show. Won't happen. //

If there is a worse one-trick pony masquerading as entertainment than this show, I would love to know what it is.

Taking TV from forty years ago, and showing it to people who were not born then, and then filming their horror, just where is the point, much less the entertainment, in that?

People of that time, and I am one, will remember how different society was then, and what was acceptable then is not acceptable now, anyone not born then may be amazed / disgusted / horrified etc., but when you've seen one modern comedian react, the novelty vanishes instantly.

It's pointless television.
“i have an app where i watch all the mentioned programmes for free and there still funny”

What’s the app called?
cant say on here frowned upon by hierarchy for mentioning kodi on here before

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