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woofas | 11:16 Sat 10th Mar 2018 | Media & TV
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Whatever has happened to QI? I have watched & thoroughly enjoyed this programme for many years with its mix of interesting facts and clever humour. In the last few weeks it has descended into a ludicrous slapstick show totally out of all control. Some may think that, week after week, Alan Davies destroying everything in front of him is hilarious - I do not and for the first time ever switched off half way through.


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There is a difference between being a lovable stooge and a pudding - someone should tell him.
Seems like he is bored with the program.
oh so you substitued 'pudding' for **** then
I think when Stephen Fry left they should have replaced Alan Davies as well, maybe not have a regular member at all.

A bit of QI trivia.

The original plan for QI was to have Michael Palin as the host and have a "bright" team and a "dim" team.

Stephen Fry would head the "bright" team and Alan Davies the "dim" team.

But Michael Palin said he did not want to do it, so when it came to record the pilot or "test" for the show they temporarily put Stephen Fry as the host.

And he was so good they stuck with him.

This is why you have one regular, Alan Davies, on one team but no regular on the other team.
I really like Sandi Toksvig, but she's not filling Stephen Fry's shoes here.
Hoppy, I can't stand Sandi Toksvig and stopped watching when she took over. Each to his own.
I always wince whenever anything old or valuable is handed to Davies. He was given an old hacksaw and proceeded to saw the desk and the blade was bending so much I thought it was going to snap.

He is a good laugh but appears to have no appreciation of the fact that these things are someone's property, have a value and have been lent on trust.
They're in teams ?
>>>They're in teams ?

I think that was the original plan, as I said a bright team and a dim team.

Now of course they compete as individuals.

So what I should have said above was:

"This is why you have one regular, Alan Davies, on one side of the host but no regular on the other side of the host".
bbc are getting desparate. There seems to be a panel 'celebrities' who's job it is to appear on these stupid games. Funny? i used to look forward to it but it is now a load of carp. Try looking fore anything entrertaining on a Friday or Saturday evening.
Can you imagine how much money Alan Davies has earned from this programme, just turning up for 14 years and pretending to be dim? Can't stand Toksvig, and have not watched a single episode since she took over.
I agree it's getting a bit silly, and away from the original premise.

Try listening to 'No Such Thing As A Fish' as a podcast, by the QI Elves. I went to a show and recording by them last night. All the original QI ethos, with humour, but no Alan doing daft things.
goodgoalie, //Can you imagine how much money Alan Davies has earned from this programme//

Fine by me. That's what he does for a living and good luck to him.

Some things Sandi does outside of 'showbiz' (like going on that stupid women's march when Trump was elected) I disagree with, but my only complaint with the new QI is that sometimes they're all laughing so much I can't understand what they're saying - but generally I'm laughing with them. I like 'daft'.
Over the years it has got sillier, even before Stephen left - but I've stayed with it and still really enjoy it.

Sandi is great on the show.
Panel shows must have at least one woman on them now, but have you noticed how they struggle to be heard, with the men talking over them? Drives me nuts.
Sorry, did someone say something ? Anyway ...
My humble view is that Toxic-vig was a mistake. (Mind you Fried-eggs was drifting in and out of magic circle nonsense way too much towards his exit). I no like the harsh unyielding voice. The in-house giggles to demonstrate merriment. Hey look I larfing now. Hey hee. The Inability to control or direct the panel. Nor the intended forced receipt by the TV audience of the QI FACTS. Who cares? There is, in men humble view too much banging of the we women is suffer earning hundreds of thousands of pounds (tears tilt head sad face) and we is Lezbo and have Danish drums banging in our ears. I only watch it if by ghastly mistake a visitor so requests. A visitor who never returns. It is not a fun prog.
Fry made a lot of references to his homosexuality with many jokes about boarding school and choir boys' bottoms. It did get to be too much and was reined in for the last couple of series that he did.

It's always been 'cosy' with in house jokes and I like Sandi as host.

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