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DarceyK123 | 09:03 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | Media & TV
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I'm totally confused, can anyone explain what last night was all about?


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can anyone explain what last night was all about?

bamma lamma bamma lamma!
black haired hairy guy appears to have a through and through abdo injury ( sorry froo and froo )
who is still bleeding and will need hospital tmt to prevent him dying quig.
and little old leddy comes along with ( sorry wiv) sticking plaster and nail scissors and magically puts him back together ( targevva )

Police outside spot the blood on the doorstep and dont go in

Simples - was it reall life ?
well is any part of East Enders part of reak life ?

I'm sure you've cleared it up for everyone there Peter!
Exactly my thoughts! When they saw the blood outside the door why didn't they go in??
Question Author
I know what we saw but I couldn't understand the plot, maybe it's just me but I was very confused as to who was who, who was in on it, etc etc.
Question Author
Yes, thanks Peter that's really helpful!!
I couldn't understand the plot either. Did Aidan just set it all up to get back at Vincent? Also what part does the new glamour girl play?
Pleased I am not the only one confused. Didn't understand it at all.
Oops sorry about double post
Question Author
Thanks Margot, that's a little clearer.
Missed the episode after Mick was shot - who is the dippy bloke behind the bar in the Vic?
He's the one who shot him!
Thank goodness for that; I thought I was going mad! I know it's not real but this storyline is really testing the boundaries of believability!
Why is plod portrayed as fick in these fairy tales ? The whole fing is a Brit farce( open the coffin to reveal the loot & a body falls aht) Presumably the loot 'as bin buried or worse, Cremated.
Question Author
The 'body' was so obviously a doll it was laughable, tears were streaming down my face.
It was completely obvious the money would be gone and the body so fake! The only obvious thing the whole 'plot' though......
oh dear - if someone is shot in real life (!) and shows and inclination to go to Hospital ( oops wrong decision there! ) it will be gunfight and drugs
that is not to enigmatic is it ?

the treatment of the lady n the sticking plaster, nail scissors and germolene was as laughable as the doll dropping aht ov de box
- but this is dray-mer and East Enders - I mean you all know this all doesnt really happen dont you ?
Then she made a curry to treat the infection.....:)

Yes PP we know it's drama, but it should be GOOD drama!
I'm confused too. What was the whole thing about? Was there ever any money; and I thought his name was Aidan, but his Irish 'friend' calls him JP. And Max is just a pain now too!

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Eastenders - Heist

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