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goodgoalie | 12:44 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | Media & TV
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Good to see a new series of Father Brown started, and that Lady Felicia is making a comeback - not sure about Sid, though. Shame that Jack Deam is still hamming it up as Inspector Mallory, all that gurning really spoils it.


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It is good to see it again, GG and yes......Gurning Mallory is annoying....x
i wonder if the director instructed him to act like that just to annoy the viewing public?
Question Author
Alas, he does it no matter who is directing the episode!
I particularly enjoy this programme as it's shot near me and I keep spotting locations I recognise.
I have watched it a number of times, but find it a bit pedestrian to be honest. I like Mark Williams,
he seems to fit the part well.
The anachronism which irritates, - at least in the original ones, I haven't seen these yet- is that he is a Catholic priest in C of E setting.
The first ones were set in a church at Brockley nr. Stow on the Wold
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Yes, Khandro, they still use the church in Blockley as St Mary's, and shoot in many surrounding villages - briefly spotted the Quaker Meeting Hall in Broad Campden today.
At least the Stations of the Cross are now displayed in the Church. It is true that there are some Anglican churches that host the Catholic Mass in rural areas, though.
filmed at Blockley Gloucs
beautiful sandstone village
St Mary's R C - well yeah
last time they had an 'image of the Virgin' in the background
too many candles for the service being held
and no red light - perhaps the vicar had put a red light on that

and he had a cure's hat which I have never seen in England

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Lady Felicia's back today :)
I hope her "ear splitting scream on falling over the body" is intact :+)
you'd think she'd be used to it by now wouldn't you dave?

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Let's hope Felicia and Bunty kidnap Mallory, and deposit him somewhere, never to be seen again.....
I just don't understand the BBC at all.

Father Brown is high quality TV - high production values, great cast, amusing and a treat to watch - yet it is buried in the wastes of Daytime TV and a whole new series is burned through in ten days - bonkers.

I wonder if sales in the export market are the driver for this?
I have kept a recording of The Crimson Feather episode to cheer me up on dark winter days ... :+)
I'm glad Lady Felicia's back, she's the best character in it.
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Yes, Dave, I think series like this are sold to lots of countries, particularly Australia, where they love stuff like this: they even began their own similar 50s-set Doctor Blake Mysteries.
Agree it's wasted in the afternoon slot, but they've repeated previous series in the past around 6 - 6.30 pm.
The powers that be told the BBC it had to up its game for daytime TV with more quality shows, fewer home and antique shows and fewer repeats.
This resulted in some great daytime dramas including Father Brown, The Coroner and WPC 56.
These dramas are repeated often and it is a shame there are to be no more series of WPC 56 or The Coroner.
"filmed at Blockley Gloucs
beautiful sandstone village"

Yes, and Wednesday's episode continued with the Gloucestershire theme by filming the railway station scenes at Toddington on the Gloucester Warwickshire railway. A fine railway resplendent with Great Western Railway Locomotives (No. 2807 used in the episode), rolling stock and artifacts.
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Yes, NJ, have been on that steam railway, and they've previously used Winchcombe station as a location.
One of my favourite previous episodes was 'The Last Man' filmed at Stanway Cricket Club (lovely thatched pavilion) where I've played cricket. As I said, lots of familiar locations.

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