Tv Programme 'botched'

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JuniperEccles | 13:28 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | Media & TV
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'Botched' on E! shows how 2 American plastic surgeons repairs surgery that's gone wrong and mainly features large-chested women, with the odd nose thrown in. When the women fling open their tops to show their boobs the nipples are always blocked out (like when childrens' faces can't be shown, etc.). Why, when we're getting an eyeful of breasts, would we be offended by a couple of nipples?


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bizarre isn't it? and why is it that men's nipples are usually shown in all their glory?

It's a mystery , isn't it
theres a lot in the news today that a new brreast cancer advert will show a fema=le nipple for the first time on daytime tv ever. Perhaps it's just convention, or as it's a US show, perhaps they have different rules?
It's possible that the ladies didn't want that area shown because it didn't look too nice due to the botched op.
Bednobs is closest I fell, the USA has always had stricter rules about nudity on terrestrial TV than we have.
I have not seen the programme, but I suspect it is made in the US. The programmes are usually shown unadultered in the States, but are re-edited for International sales of the programme. As a result, anything which might offend, no matter how trivial, is censored. Nudity is more frowned upon in some religious countries, than it is in the UK.
Ah! Thanks mamya.
having done a few minutes of googling, it seems that on cable channels a woman's full, unadulterated breast can be on show, depending on time of day, but an erect penis cannot be displayed (heaven knows why)
Still couldn't find out anything about why in the UK a full, bare breast can't be on the TV
Strange country and strange tv regulations.
Then there is Naked Attraction - the nude dating show on C4 , where nothing is obscured
Alba, I can't remember the name of it but there was film on not long ago where erect penises were common.The title was a girls name and she was a nymphomaniac.
thanks Danny (I may google later lol)

Seems odd that a charity had to somehow get permission to display a woman's nipple - maybe it was just because it was for an advert regarding breast cancer awareness but other nude body parts are ok when in a film or tv programme?
don't you just love the bit in the link 'sex epic is brilliant but frustrating'

I do apologise, but I find that very funny :-))

Thank you for the link Danny x

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Tv Programme 'botched'

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