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brainiac | 23:55 Wed 02nd Mar 2016 | Media & TV
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Watched this for the first time this evening, but found it very disappointing. Good actor as James Norton is, his heart didn't seem to be in it, and it didn't convince me or draw me in. One of the main problems is Robson Green, who is very fond of himself, and has been saddled with the gimmick of always wearing a shabby coat, even though it was warm enough to swim in the river at the start of the episode. And the whole thing was spoiled by what ruins all ITV dramas: 3 ad breaks in the hour, which completely ruins the dramatic flow. It used to be only two, until a few years ago the powers that be allowed an increase to 3, which renders some dramas (Downton, for one) almost unwatchable, at least for me.


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I too watched it for the first time tonight as I thought I would like it having watched the trailers. Very disappointed and won't be viewing again.
I enjoyed it as much as I did the first series and I like Norton's character, Sidney.

I can't remember a one hour show having only 2 ad breaks. Perhaps you should record the programmes on commercial channels and whizz through the ads, as I do
Yes, I enjoyed it too - the first series grabbed me.

Much gentler than some dramas but very watchable.
I thought it very touching in series 1 when the curate, Leonard, 'came out'.
Also the relationship between Sidney and Amanda has carried over, I'm glad to see.
I like it .
The new series seems written for television though as in the books he gets married to Hildegard and they have a child.The books are totally different .
It annoys me a bit when they mangle books for televison productions.
I often watch on catch up brainiac ,then you don't get the ads .
Me too, Sidney is a complex character.
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I know what you mean about it being 'gentler' than other dramas, Mamya, but if you want a 50s-set story featuring a sleuthing priest, I'd recommend Father Brown - much more fun, and more convincing!
Shaney, the Agatha Raisin tv series was nothing like the books, either. It is always the case, with the exception of Morse where the author carried on writing the books after the tv series began. Morse in the books became more and more like John Thaw's Morse as time went on.

I find it best to try and watch the tv series with no expectations and no comparisons to the books.
On the other hand, I much prefer the Father Brown tv series to the books.

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My main gripe about TV dramas (as anyone who has read previous posts on AB by me on the subject) is poor casting - in Grantchester's case, Robson Green. I think one of the reasons Happy Valley (for example) is so good, and has been such a success, is that it is very well cast throughout, with no weak links, making it really believable and absorbing
That's my trouble .I read the books first and compare them.
I haven't seen the Agatha Raisin series .I think it was on Sky which we don't have .Had I done I'd probably have been shouting at the screen having read them all.
Never read the Father Brown books so really enjoyed those series without any shouting :)
Love Father Brown too and Happy Valley is in a class of its own.
Happy Valley is brilliant .
Watching James Norton in his dog collar tonight it's hard to believe he was playing evil Tommy Lee Royce last night! Good actor.
Loved it as much as the first series.
Enjoyed it.
I agree re the ad breaks....that is why I always record progs with them in.....I timed one prog today that I watched the recording of.....prog only 37 mins long...hence why I record!!
Watched it for the first time tonight, loved it, remained us that we need to revisit the Orchard for tea, listening to the church bells chime. We always record ITV or any other channel with adverts.
Robson Greens accent drives me mad,he used to have a great Geordie accent,why posh it up?
For the American market, Mags. His fishing programmes do very well over there

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