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MWG14 | 17:03 Sat 11th Jan 2020 | Media & TV
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Does anyone know the name of the actress who played the college head in the first episode of the new 2020 series?

I think she was in 'Emmerdale' years ago.


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Siobhan Redmond -

Question Author
Thank you. I now recall where I've seen her before. It was in 'Holby'
Glad I could help :-)
IMDB is a good site for looking up things like that; just enter name of programme/actor and all will be revealed.

Hi bhg - that's where my link goes :-)
Seeing your picture I recognised her from "Between the Lines".
Question Author
Many thanks, I’ve saved the link.
I've just watched Granchester and was trying to get the name of the actress who played the murderer - Veronica (Vronka). Strangely the part isn't listed. Any ideas?
Sorcha Groundsell played Vronky
Thanks Mamy. Looking at your link it doesn't list Granchester as one of her parts but it's certainly the right person. She reminds me of somebody and I was trying to find out if she was a relation of somebody better known.
She's listed in the cast in my Radio Times for last night.

Unsure why she isn't credited elsewhere.
Being a Silly Billy I didn't think to look in Radio Times.
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bhg481, the murderer also reminded us of someone else who has been around for longer. Perhaps we were all thinking of the same actress.

I'm now thinking she reminds me of Rachel Riley (Countdown). Not enough to confuse them, just a reminder.
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We weren't thinking of Rachel Riley. It was someone from years earlier.

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