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anotheoldgit | 15:26 Thu 17th Mar 2016 | Media & TV
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Tuned in to Grantchester last night, but I couldn't understand why a vicar is allowed to follow a police detective around and even assist him during a case.

What is their relationship?


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They are friends....Its called the willing suspension of disbelief like Miss Marple being allowed to trail the police around.
Why not ? Father Brown runs about solving mysteries .
The books are very good and are by James Runcie,the son of Archbishop Runcie.
The books may well have been a good read but it does not transfer to tv very well. The scripts are awful and the acting is terrible. Even the show's main stars look bored when delivering their lines. Won't be watching it again.
I enjoy it and can and do suspend belief for TV Dramas.

Far and away the best character for me is Mrs Maguire the housekeeper played by Tessa Peake-Jones, she has some splendid lines.
Father Brown repeats have been on in the afternoon slot until recently. The production style is light comedy, or black comedy. The DS treats the priest as an interfering nuisance until well into series 2, then develops a grudging respect for him in series 3. He solves the puzzles which the pliss are too preoccupied to even spot.

No-one ever questions the amount of spare time he appears to have on his hands…

I really enjoy Grantchester. Sidney is a complex character portrayed very well
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Thank you for your answers, yes I agree it is the same type of thing to Miss Marples, Father Brown and even Murder She Wrote.

Who needs a Police Service with those around?
Hardly post-watershed material, imho, far too tame. 8pm Sunday would be a more appropriate slot.
//What is their relationship? //

They are gay, and the copper is covering up the priests secret activities!!
He should have stuck with the German girl
Sidney and Geordie gay Islay? Gosh, well I haven't read the books didn't know that.
>They are gay, and the copper is covering up the priests secret activities!!

If you mean the two main characters then maybe we've been watching different programmes. There is a gay theme developing I think, but not with the main two
Sidney and Geordie are not gay. The are ex army mates.

The curate, Leonard, is gay and everyone is aware of it.
Agreed, the Curate.
Sidney has been in love with Amanda for years but she is now unhappily married to a very wealthy man.

Leonard 'came out' to Sidney in a previous series.
In the books he gets married to Hildegarde and they have a child.
Leonard ,the curate is gay.
This series is not true to the books like the first one was.

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