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Off Their Rockers

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anotheoldgit | 10:54 Tue 02nd Jun 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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Did you see 'Off Their Rockers' last night, apparently it was a Blue Badge Special, and instead of it being cast by OAPs as is usual, it was cast by the disabled.

I don't know about others but this seemed rather disturbing, what do others think?


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Is this show something like Candid Camera? If it is then I'd find it distasteful whoever it was playing the prankster.
Never saw this but it sounds like 'I'm Spazticus'

Mixed feelings, should disabled be people not be allowed to have a sense of humour?

I thought there was lots of funny stuff on I'm Spazticus but I think they crossed a line when they asked members of the public to put people with varying disabilities in order of who they would date.
was it a bbc channel? they are paranoic about inclusiveness/inclusion.
I thought it was very funny, and well done to the disabled for taking part, plus gives them a few bob.
I thought it was very funny and I didn't feel the disabled people who took part were in any way demeaned - quite the reverse. They were experts at deadpan humour, and the laugh was on the observers. Well done to all concerned.

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Off Their Rockers

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