Manchester Midland Hotel Last Night.

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trt | 14:06 Tue 02nd Jun 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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It was interesting in parts, but seemed a bit chaotic, and the head chef did my head in with his OTT remarks about his new afternoon tea selection.

Among them, Vimto jelly, from the old days from Salford, and those stupid looking cake display sideboard draws upended..


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havent watched it yet but, vimto jelly, been buying it for ages!
I havent watched it yet, but i recorded it.. I thought it sounded interesting
Hi Trt, I was engrossed. The room cleaners seem to have quite a job with their loaded trolleys. I love the old fashioned idea of 'afternoon tea' ... one day I'll get to go for one. I agree with you regards the 'new' way afternoon tea was planned to be served up, what was wrong with the lovely old fashioned way?
... Felt sorry for the lovely lady in charge of the gym, I don't think she fitted in with the new 'image' they had in mind. Progress ... profit. I think they missed out on a very warm individual.
I agree Lina,....I only saw the last half hour + I did feel sorry for the gym lady.
Progress, eh? ;-)

x x x
I think she'd have been a great asset to them Bath x
Good programme, chef a bit OTT (I don't like Vimto) and the cake stands were horrible.
Ive just watched the programme. I thought it was really good, i even took a liking to the chef with his vimto jelly! When the gym lady announced she was leaving to her friend and workmate i cried too!
I'm so gutted, it failed to record after clashing with two other programmes! I've tried Catch Up but it's not showing available (I'm with BT INFINITY) any ideas?
Could you watch it if we linked it here curly?
I enjoyed it too - I like seeing behind the scenes.
aaww curly, what a shame. I've looked through Radio Times to see if it's on at daft o'clock anytime this week, but sadly no....:-(

x x
It's on again at 3.10pm channel 5 on Saturday (and an hour later on Chanel 5 + 1) and also on at 3.10am channel 5 on Monday (and an hour later).
oh well done sherrardk!

x x
Thanks everyone! Elkina
But especially Sherrardk. Great stuff.

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Manchester Midland Hotel Last Night.

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