Coronation Street - Michael Finding Out His Son Isn't His Son

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dave50 | 09:40 Tue 02nd Jun 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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Best comedy on the show for weeks. I though it was hilarious. Was it supposed to be funny?


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Funny but not intentional- Overacting was hilarious
Sorry to intervene into your post dave50 but I need to ask a question about the recent fire in Corrie. Am I correct in thinking that Kal was killed on the balcony of Carla's flat because a gas cylinder exploded ? If so can anyone explain to me why there would be a gas cylinder in a modern expensive flat.
could be for a bbq
Come on Ron, the answer's "because it suits the script"
Ron's question makes a lot of sense. I've never known Carla to have a bbq. She'd rather go to someone else's
it was on a balcony not inside and i thought it was on the balcony below carlas flat .maybe a builder was doing work there
It was over the top. must have cost Aunt Susan a fortune to post the big photo album , Gail on the verge now of losing another husband!
Yes, I thought it was funny too, particularly when Gail showed Michael the picture of David as a young boy and said it didn't looks a bit like David and Michael said it was exactly like him, which of course it was !! I don't know if it was meant to be funny or not, all I know is that I enjoyed it, typical Corrie imo.
All that was missing was for Michael's trousers to fall down, a-la-Brian Rix, and the farce would have been complete.
Gail should have hit Andy over the head with a frying pan shoved a custard tart in his face and said

''Well here's another fine mess you have got me into ''

it was bloody awful.....
Thought Michael was far too quick in asking ' so which one of you isn't my son?' - surely he would have wondered what was going on before jumping to that conclusion or even thinking he was not the real father?

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Coronation Street - Michael Finding Out His Son Isn't His Son

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