Carla In Corrie - Botox Overload!

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knowabit | 11:31 Thu 04th Dec 2014 | Media & TV
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Was watching Corrie last night and became fascinated with Carla's forehead!!
It has not one line and it does not move, nor do her eyebrows.
In the scenes at the spa with Michelle and in the factory with Tracey, the other ladies were raising and wiggling eyebrows and had nice lines on their foreheads when chatting and smiling.... it really noticed on Carla and I kept staring at her eyebrows in all her scenes to see if they moved!
I would not say Botox is such a good thing!


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The designer of that sofa must have been on steroids!
love sally when she's in comic mode
Sally and Tim forever, please!
I don't think she has had Botox, but I am by no means an expert.

Some women do not 'wrinkle' until later life - maybe she is lucky with good genes to go with her botomless sex appeal!!
Even young people wrinkle when they raise their eyebrows or frown.

That sofa is a design classic and sold for over £4k at Christies
If it's fascinating foreheads you're after, it's Jeremy Kyle all the way.
I think she looks fine and was far too busy enjoying the story line to be watching everybody's eyebrows !!

Agree with you Jom, Sally and Tim forever .......

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Carla In Corrie - Botox Overload!

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