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The Great British Bake Off Final - Choose Your Winner

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AB Editor | 09:32 Wed 08th Oct 2014 | Film, Media & TV
44 Answers
We're finally here. This is the end of the long and cakey journey. Can you really believe it's been nine weeks since they first flourished their tarts and plumped up their pies.

But now we're at the end - and you must choose your champion for the final in which, I presume, they will bake to the death.

Or near enough anyway.

NOTICE TO GRUMPY PEOPLE: If you are posting here to complain about the Great British Bake Off being on again, how "boring" you find it, or to ask "what's the point" you will be suspended. This is fair warning. To be absolutely clear: we don't care what you think about GBBO :)

This poll is closed.

  • Richard - 47 votes
  • 65%
  • Nancy - 18 votes
  • 25%
  • Luis - 7 votes
  • 10%
  • Luis - 21 votes
  • 45%
  • Nancy - 17 votes
  • 36%
  • Richard - 9 votes
  • 19%

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Question Author
Sadly, it seems no one has made an amusing .gif of Nancy, here's the other two though:

Question Author
I reckon Rich has this in the bag.
Richard to win yay. I have even got hooked on an Extra Slice
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Luis gets a serious amount of flack it seems - what is it that people find so objectionable?
I think Luis is a professional or semi/pro baker... he just seems to know too much and knows all different ways of doing certain things. Something suspicious about him! Lol.
-- answer removed --
Errrr.... do we need that massive column of photos on the front page where we have to keep scrolling past it ? Can they not be moved to a subsequent "answer" post ?
Question Author
Yes, bit of a side effect that. It'll be gone tomorrow.

The "end" button jumps you down to the bottom of a question - if that helps?
I'm a don't know I'm afraid on the winner, between Richard and Nancy though, not Luis. I'll make up my mind when I see how they do tonight. Richard seems a sweet guy though and Nancy is very pleasant. Oh dear, I'm not supposed to be voting on their characters am I? Oops.
Ed all my friends think Rich has it in the bag but you never know until the .....
I don't really mind who wins just so long as they send me some samples !!
Really cannot vote on this one. I think its between Richard and Luis but Nancy has a habit of coming good at the last.
it has to be richard, surely???

I'm still gutted that Chetna went but she did mess it up last week
-- answer removed --
I`m surprised the result hasn`t leaked out via digitalspy or somewhere. The finalists were on TV yesterday and I was trying to gauge from their faces who the winner was. Nancy gave a smug smile but that might have been a red herring.
It's all very exciting! I like all of them (including Luis!) but I do want Richard to win, he has been by far the most consistently good and his Star Baker record must be, well, a record!

They are being very picky tonight!!!

I just hope the end spectaculars beat the dodgy wedding cakes of last year, though it wouldn't be hard...I'd hope :)
It would be good if they finished by letting them bake what they want, to see what skills they come up with, the taste and the artistry.
So Richard is blowing it.....
Oooh third place in the technical, no Richard, noooo! Well done to Nancy though.
Oh dear...Richard has not done too well so far. :-(

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The Great British Bake Off Final - Choose Your Winner

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