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The Great British Bake Off Final - Choose Your Winner

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AB Editor | 09:32 Wed 08th Oct 2014 | Film, Media & TV
44 Answers
We're finally here. This is the end of the long and cakey journey. Can you really believe it's been nine weeks since they first flourished their tarts and plumped up their pies.

But now we're at the end - and you must choose your champion for the final in which, I presume, they will bake to the death.

Or near enough anyway.

NOTICE TO GRUMPY PEOPLE: If you are posting here to complain about the Great British Bake Off being on again, how "boring" you find it, or to ask "what's the point" you will be suspended. This is fair warning. To be absolutely clear: we don't care what you think about GBBO :)

This poll is closed.

  • Richard - 47 votes
  • 65%
  • Nancy - 18 votes
  • 25%
  • Luis - 7 votes
  • 10%
  • Luis - 21 votes
  • 45%
  • Nancy - 17 votes
  • 36%
  • Richard - 9 votes
  • 19%

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I can't read this thread yet because I have to watch on catch up, but I'd like Richard to win.
I like them all this year though. So what if Luis enters competitions. Isn't this what this is?
I've amused myself with my last sentence there. Made perfect sense to me ;)
Wonder how much they will attribute in deciding between just this week's bakes and from the series as a whole.
It has to based on tonight only I would think... Richard seems to have blown it. Surely you cannot win if you come last in the technical??
I'm not going to read anymore so then I won't know who wins when we get to finally see this series like sometime next year ..... Bahhhhhh
At first glance, Luis' does look the most impressive artistically!
Ahh they all seem so genuinely nice, ooh who is it going to be!!!
betting on Luis
It seems that Nancy had a smug smile for a reason. I agree with the result though. I think Nancy understands the science of baking and is a worthy winner.
Well, well done Nancy! At least Richard has all his star baker titles and maybe a record :)

I loved the little catch ups, thought they might have spent more time with the previous ones for their views and such though probably too much without having to run over.

Did anyone spot Diana at the garden party bit? I didn't catch sight of her.
well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we didn't predict that ?
Bl--dy phone rang, my baby sister on, whittling away. Presume it was Nancy who got it...who was second?
They didn't do any other places, just announced Nancy was the winner, very quick and to the point, shame they couldn't have done an extended final over 90 minutes or so.
I don`t think there was a second Dt.
There is no second, only a winner and two runners up. Diana was there, she wanted Nancy to win.
Thanks Woof, must have missed her flipping between here and Facebook and watching :)
Was hoping that Nancy would win, but for me any one of them could have won. Enjoyed this series immensely. I'm away on holiday but couldn't miss the final.
Yay for Nana's :o)
I was surprised that they made so much of the idea of baking scones. My mother makes scones every week and in the old days, she slathered them with my Gran`s home made clotted cream.

21 to 40 of 44rss feed

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The Great British Bake Off Final - Choose Your Winner

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