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The Driver

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pips1 | 08:21 Wed 24th Sep 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone watch this on BBC1 last night? My first thoughts were that it was going to be good but I can see it getting upsetting. The other thing was it opened my eyes to what cab drivers have to put up with, any thoughts?


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Vince must be thick to fall for Mad Colin's cunning plan to win back his beloved Sarah!
If it wasn't for David Morrissey I might not bother with it again; but I do love watching him and supporting drama on the beep, even if it is a tad predictable.
I enjoyed it very much, but a bit confused with 2 things. 1st. I couldn't see what was in the holdall he picked up when it was opened, and what/who were the people on the web cam, especially the girl at the door?

Was it filmed in Manchester?
Guns in the holdall and yes it was filmed in Manchester.
Oh, forgot to mention.

I did a couple of years on the taxis, and yes things happen like they did in the drama.
Puking up, wet seats when people have *** their pants/knickers, don't have enough or no money, running away without paying.

I had the lot and more, and I live in a country town in Suffolk not a big City!
Thanks jomlett, no info on the video cam?
I particularly enjoyed Ian Hart playing twins Colin & Craig
I don't normally enjoy such things but thought I'd give it 5 minutes. Watched to the end and looking forward to the next one. ;-)
I don't remember the webcam, where did that feature?
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Thanks everyone, we'll wait and see how it goes. I can't remember a webcam in it either, I must have fallen asleep.
I really enjoyed it. I think the boy in the background on the webcam is his son but not sure who the one speaking was - son's boyfriend maybe?

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The Driver

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