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I'm Watching The Great British Bake Off - Episode 1: Cake - Bbc One 8Pm

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AB Editor | 10:54 Wed 06th Aug 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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Roll up, roll up - it's cake time my fellow AnswerBankers.

Are we looking forward to people anxiously peering into hot ovens, the existential crisis of "is it ready yet?" nearly breaking them down entirely?

Of course we are!

Are we looking forward to the signature challenge, a swiss roll, going completely wrong and producing something ultimately sad but endearing to their character?

You bet!

So then, now is the time to prime your kettle for a nice cup of tea as we launch ourselves once more into the cakey cakey goodness of the Great British Bake Off.

This thread is for episode one, dedicated to "Cake". We've got a Swiss roll, a undisclosed "British classic" and a Classic Cherry cake to all go wonderfully wrong before our eyes.

This thread is designed for discussion of Episode 1 of the Great British Bake Off. I expect us to quickly form camps supporting one baker or another and discussing the pros and cons of their individual techniques.

That, and how nice the cakes look. Don't you fancy a cake now?

Here's the bakers for this series:

NOTICE TO GRUMPY PEOPLE: If you are posting here to complain about the Great British Bake Off being on again, how "boring" you find it, or to ask "what's the point" you will be suspended. This is fair warning. To be absolutely clear: we don't care what you think about GBBO :)

So, for the rest of us, let us be prepared at 8pm for what will surely be one of the finest moments in cake this year...


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Watched it, and IMHO the right person was voted off.
Wow @ Martha tho'.
I watched it, thought it was very good. Nancy was really good.
I fancied Mr Hollywood until I noticed his every increasing girth :-(

Nancy, Bob the Builder and Martha looking good, long way to go and many pit falls ahead....
Yes, Nancy's stuff looked scrumptious.
I've never watched it before, is it just cakes?
We incorrectly predicted the master baker here but were correct with the person sent home.
Ermmmmm... any particular girth Eccles ??
No they do pasties and pies and other baked savouries in due course.
Methinks Nancy, Martha and Richard will be finalists. The right person went home and I reckon that Jordan chap wil be next week.

Well done Martha.
Really enjoy this show a great atmosphere in the place. Nancy and the builder guy really good bakers, could do without Mel and Sue prancing about!
I watched it for the first time tonight (fell asleep for about 10 mins in the middle and then watched the rest). That Sue Perkins got on my nerves - talk about playing to the gallery. Someone should remind her that the show isn`t about her.
Love the programme, totally addicted. Out every Weds at the moment so have to record it, saw it this morning. Forgot the tip about coating cherries in flour so that they don't all sink. Always makes me want to get baking!
its to early to say, you can be great at cakes but rubbish at pastry/breads. good first show. Was disappointed with the cherry cake, i wouldn't of eaten that.....but the guy who did the cherry swiss roll, im going to be stalking him :-)
Was that the older chap who sort of did a Black Forest one (Norman, I think)?

I thought they all looked pretty lush :)
yep, norman thats the one.
who got voted off (didnt watch it to the end) was it the one who looks like Beth Ditto or the bloke with the dodgy jumper who forgot the cherries?
Claire, the lady with the black hair got voted off, dodgy jumper will probably be for it next week unless he ups his game.
she was bloody awful, you could say it was nerves but apparently 30 thousand people applied & she and awful jumper guy were 12 of the best????

i might as well apply on the basis im an expert eater....
Question Author
I can`t remember who it was but one person had a contraption that cut the cakes neatly. I don`t think that`s fair. In a competition everybody should be given the same equipment and not be allowed to bring in equipment that gives them an advantage over the others.

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I'm Watching The Great British Bake Off - Episode 1: Cake - Bbc One 8Pm

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