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Adhd On Coronation Street

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dave50 | 11:48 Wed 06th Aug 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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Wondered how long it would be before this 'issue' was raised, of course then having a phone number to ring at the end of the program for anyone with any concerns. Why cant they just stick with entertaining us with the odd laugh in between instead of thinking they have to lecture us all about social issues?


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I didn't see how they handled it, but I don't generally see the inclusion of a link to a helpline at the end of a programme as lecturing.

It is more providing an option for those who wish to know more, whether the topic is cancer,heart disease or anything else.
I actually think it is a good thing that soaps tackle social and health issues. It can open up discussions within families that otherwise may be ignored.

I think it's great that soaps tackle issues like this - it can't all be murder, infidelity and brawling in the street.
But Max wasn't a problem before they went on holiday, think they should have built it up a bit more.
He was, silliemillie. It's been building up for a few weeks. David and Kylie were called in to the school because of Max's bad behaviour
It's a government /BBC plot to make soaps the new 'Public Information Films'!

On a more sensible note, if it helps someone then it's not a bad thing.
Its good that they are dealing with real problems that do exist, rather than hiding these things away as was done with so many issues in the past.
I liked Audrey's reaction - many people refuse to believe conditions like ADHD exist and it can cause conflict within families, with the parents not getting support from their own parents.
So far, it's been realistically portrayed.
Yes, it is realistically portrayed so far, but just wondered if doctor and parents would discuss it in detail in front of the child.
ADHD didn't exist in my childhood, and I agree with Audry's comment that its just another word for being naughty.

A good smack, stop giving treats, no TV and off to bed early, that will cure it!
Interesting - have you written a paper to show the experts up on this?

There are many things I wish didn't exist, but they do.
LOL trt !
You must be ancient, trt. ADHD was described by physicians in 1775 and there has been many, many studies in to the condition since then.

It may not have been called ADHD but that doesn't mean it didn't exist.
Not getting a 'good smack' never did me any harm. It seems to have worked for my kids as well.
Thumbs up ummmm, It never did me any harm either, and I was never in trouble with the police all my life, and neither have my 4 grown up children.

hc4361, If ADHD was described by physicians in 1775, they haven't had much luck curing it, as the UK schools are full of kids with it these days!!!!
GPWM= Good point well made.
I had to look it up and thought it was worth mentioning it in case anyone else was puzzled by Jomlett's reply
I looked it up too!
trt, read Ummmm's reply again - this time noting the first word.
Who said it's curable? There are lots of medical conditions that are not curable, including the common cold.

In the 60s and 70s children with ADHD would be in 'special' schools for 'maladjusted children', labelled as problem children or end up in borstals.

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Adhd On Coronation Street

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