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Georgiesmum | 19:33 Tue 01st Apr 2014 | Media & TV
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What items would you like to see put in Room 101 if you were on the programme?
Mine would be women with pencilled in eyebrows
False finger nails
False eye lashes.
What would yours be?


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Men in White Socks
men with false eye lashes.
There is a certain hairstyle that annoys me for no reason.

When a woman has longer hair and ties only the top section up - from one ear round to the other, and leaves the back bit down.

No idea what you would call this hairstyle, or if anyone even understands what I mean. Sort of half up and half down. Make your mind up!
young men's trousers hanging off their hips, with the crotch nearly at their knees :-(
Music videos for one, and secondly when you go in a card shop and the prices are all coded, letters or numbers, drives me insane, just put the price on the back of the card!!!
Barbecues....both the actual objects and the smelly, noisy events.

Short people who either don't know they're short, or simply won't accept that they are short.

e.g. When I worked in a Sports Shop I observed a Woman and her Daughter. The daughter had Ballet Pump stlye Shoes on, and was slightly over five feet tall. Her Mother had high heels on and was still shorter than her Daughter! I am 6' 3" and would rather be shorter, but there's precious little I can do about it.
Black leggings
Little cups on the trays in B & Bs ... one gulp & it's gone.
Volkswagen Beetles.
Cars with false eyelashes, and lads with no belts.
men that wear y fronts
Saab's :-)
You can't have that tony ... that's twice now lol!
Men who put chewing gum in public urinals.
Women that keep taking the p!ss out of the mighty Villa.
-- answer removed --
cupid .. that's a killer !!

Saab's :-)

And me, rusty, now that I haven't got one lol.

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