jonny vegas room 101

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bertie21 | 20:05 Sat 06th Nov 2004 | Media & TV
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hi everyone, does anyone remember what internet chat room johhny vegas said he joined when he was a guest on room 101?  we have been trying to think of it and it is driving us mad!! many thanks


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I'm not sure but was it Habbo Hotel. I've seen someone talk about that on a chat show. ???
It was called Beauty`s Castle.....when it was first aired on tv, the site crashed because of the influx of new visitors..I`m not sure if the chat site is still up and running.

Hello again...yes its still running. I`ve just checked and they are even advertising the fact that Johnny Vegas mentioned it on Room 101!

you can go there via 

He claimed to post on there as Unabashed.

Shortly after it was shown, somebody posted here for a while under that name, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't Johnny Vegas.

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jonny vegas room 101

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